The Lexus LFA was losing, perhaps its electric successor too

The Lexus LFA was losing, perhaps its electric successor too

If you look at the project, the Lexus LFA was a huge loss for Lexus. But considering the purpose of the supercar, it was pure profit. A new Lexus is now following in its footsteps. Perhaps the sports car called the Electric Sport Concept is losing again, but the Japanese automaker sees a clean profit in it.

And LFA and also its common electronic successor, it is not about the product itself, if you look at it through the eyes of an accountant. It is about the role that the car plays, during the development process and during the production process. “We built exactly 500 units in about two years. There was no business model set for the car. He came to redefine Lexus. The car was the pinnacle of what Lexus had to offer at that time. How it should ride, feel, sound, behave, and so on. For our development team, the LFA was the reference point for all future models, be it UX, NX or LS. All cars had LFA DNA in them,” explains Spiros Fotinos.

Electric Lexus LFA
(Photo: Lexus)

An emotional experience

The CEO of Lexus Europe talks about the Lexus driving signature. “You have to compare it to a signature on a contract or a letter. It’s your signature or stamp, it’s under something else. So in terms of electrification, we need to redefine what driving experience we want to offer. If you get into an LFA or even if you get into an LC500 then press the start button, there should be a sensory experience that is right. The way the engine starts, the vibrations you feel, none of that is accidental.

Electric Lexus LFA
(Photo: Lexus)

On the contrary

Fotinos continues: “But what if you get into an electric car? Then nothing happens, nothing. We come from a world where engine noise equals speed. Louder, faster. With an electric car, stability is faster. That’s the exact opposite of how we’ve defined driving until now. So when we think of the spiritual successor of LFA, as we call it for convenience in this discussion, then it is not only important that the car is fast. Nor is it how it sounds or feels. We are looking for new parameters and will use them to feed future electric models. Just as the LFA was important to give character to all the models after it, the new sports car is important to the electric cars that follow.

Electric Lexus LFA
(Photo: Lexus)

From concept to production model

Lexus has set itself the goal of offering a full range of electric vehicles by 2030. That means the production version of the Electrified Sport Concept should be coming soon. When asked when Lexus will release the last car, Fotinos did not answer. He points out that the final car does not differ much from the research model presented earlier this year.

He explains: “When we presented the LC concept version, I was asked if we could produce it. Like the Concept of Electric Games. Will it be a limited edition like the LFA? We learned good lessons about pluses and minuses with LFA-like methods. But also with LC. I think my personal feeling is that giving a sense of accessibility, ‘I can get it’, is more important than ‘sorry, sold out, you missed it’.”

Video: Lexus LFA in detail

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