The Lexus RZ 450e will make its Canadian debut at the Montreal Auto Show

The Lexus RZ 450e will make its Canadian debut at the Montreal Auto Show

2023 Lexus RZ450e | Photo: Lexus
  • The RZ is Lexus’ first all-electric vehicle.

  • The Montreal Auto Show will be held from January 20 to 29.

  • Lexus is one of the few premium brands that will be present at the event.

Auto shows around the world have been struggling for several years, with declining attendance and the withdrawal of several manufacturers.

The shutdown of all Canadian shows for two years has also given them a big blow and it is with a reduced area by 2/3 that the Montreal auto show will return this year.

However, Lexus has chosen to take advantage of this event to unveil its new RZ 450e electric SUV as the Canadian premiere rather than waiting for the Toronto show next month.

The RZ 450e is based on the same platform as the Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra, but it is more powerful since its two-engine powertrain develops 308 horsepower while the same setup in the Toyota and Subaru only develops 215 horsepower.

Due to its high weight, the Lexus range is slightly lower as it allows you to drive 360 ​​kilometers on a single charge. The front-wheel drive BZ4X can display up to 406 kilometers of autonomy.

2023 Lexus RZ450e |  Photo: Lexus
2023 Lexus RZ 450e with steering-by-wire | Photo: Lexus

The RZ also introduces a new technology at Lexus which is “Steer-by-wire”, a system that replaces the mechanical connection between the wheels and the steering wheel.

Although the RZ’s steering wheel with this option is similar to the “Yoke” found in some Tesla vehicles, this system is very different.

In fact, Lexus technology makes it possible to vary the angle of the steering wheel required to turn the wheels, which makes parking maneuvers faster without making the car unstable at high speeds.

In addition, this technology seems to correct the main shortcoming of the Tesla system since the steering wheel of the RZ makes less than a full turn from one stop to another, which allows the driver to keep his hands in one place on the fly in almost every direction.

The manufacturer also ensures that this technology has a complete set of sensors and passive motors that allow the car to be guided in the event of a major malfunction.

Lexus will also present other models in its range in Montreal, which will make it one of the rare brands present at the show, alongside only Genesis and Cadillac.

The RZ will be presented to Montrealers at the show’s opening on January 20 and should arrive in the brand’s showrooms later this year.