The limits of McLaren 2023 and its future – Formula 1

The limits of McLaren 2023 and its future – Formula 1

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2022: a year of revolution and change. 2023: almost a year of continuity after the revolution of last season’s updates, but which nevertheless saw some of the bridges being revolutionized. This is the case, for example, of McLaren and Ferrari that at the beginning of 2023 they have, and they are suffering in particular. If enough analysis has already been done for red, the case is different for the papaya team. There McLaren looks set to continue to suffer in 2023 as wellas was the case for 2021 and 2022, of problems related to the unpredictability of driving in the middle of a curve.

A solution that for now the team seems to have found, but that it only partially resolves such a problem, is to choose very full wingsalthough this obviously penalizes the MCL60’s top speed considerably; and it is in any case a patch that does not always work. In Baku McLaren brought a new treasure that also seemed to work well, but the good prospects ended as soon as the team landed on Florida soil:

“I can’t say aerodynamic efficiency numbers, but let’s say that for this car we expected something like two or three tenths. This is what we expected. And we honestly think that’s what happened. The most visible part is the lower part of the bottom. But in reality, in this generation of cars, most of what contributes to performance is what you can’t see, it’s underneath the car. This area is very different from the previous generation of cars where the geometry was kept as flat. Now there is no medicine” said CEO Andrea Stella about the update package brought to Azerbaijan.

However, it is obvious that despite the fact that in this type of single seat, the bottom part is a very important part of the single seat, alone. it’s not enough to revive the car as a whole by taking it to the top of the charts; That’s why the Italian manager explained how other updates will arrive for the MCL60 that will change it even more:

“[Gli aggiornamenti ndr] They will also affect the rest of the car, it is a work in progress. As for the shape of the car, I predict so it will change very clearlymore obvious [rispetto a quanto visto con questo aggiornamento ndr]”