The Lotus Emira has a GT4 version.  It’s a Spartan track toy

The Lotus Emira has a GT4 version. It’s a Spartan track toy

The Lotus Emira GT4 pictured is a pre-production model developed by RML Group. However, representatives of the brand claim that the finished variant will not be very different. Fans of the song contest should expect an official match in the coming months. What will they get?

Lotus Emira is the brand’s last internal combustion car. Choice of AMG or Toyota engine

Lotus hasn’t made anything very interesting in a long time. The British decided to say goodbye to the internal combustion engine. Emira is the last series…

First of all, a reduced and strengthened design, which, as announced, should weigh a total of 1260 kg. Unfortunately, it is still unclear what special features have been left out. However, it can be suspected that the British removed all “unnecessary” equipment and luxuries. Instead, they used a full roll cage, six-point seat belts and a large 96 liter fuel tank.

Of course, there were also bucket seats and telemetry that allows a detailed analysis of the trip. Each of the elements is officially coordinated by the FIA, which guarantees entry into the GT4 series.

Lotus Emira GT4 (2021)

Lotus is still not revealing technical details, but it can be suspected that the chassis has been replaced by its fully convertible counterpart, and the brakes are better than the series. Another is & hairsp; –   rims, which are 18 instead of 20 inches in diameter. They were wearing Pirelli GT4 tires. What’s under the hood? A standard 3.5-liter V6 with 400hp, paired with a six-speed xTrac transmission.

Lotus did not reveal a price or a planned production rate. It is known, however, that We will see the first articles on the tracks in the 2022 season.

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