The low-cost electric Fiat will have a surprising source of inspiration

The low-cost electric Fiat will have a surprising source of inspiration

In 2024, Fiat will launch a new affordable electric city car. Its design and concept will be inspired by the famous building….

Fiat is preparing two new urban models, available in an electric version. Soon we will discover the 600, which will be a small SUV and look largely inspired by the last 500. Then in 2024, the Italian manufacturer will launch a city car whose task will be to make electricity available.

The manufacturer began to give hints about the design of this model during a special anniversary: ​​the 100th anniversary of Lingotto. It is a classic building of the brand and its hometown, Turin. It was a factory, which produced cars from 1923 to 1982. Then it was changed, now it serves hotels, museums, offices, shops …

A characteristic feature of Lingotto has been preserved: the circular test track on the roof. This is still connected to Fiat, which has made it a dedicated space for the 500. And in the event of the century of Lingotto, the manufacturer explained that the characteristics of the building will serve as “style symbols” for the city car. to come

So the example of the dashboard shows how: several elements have a shape inspired by the famous raised oval. This is the case for the steering wheel, dashboard support or center console. Lingotto foregrounds should affect the light signature.

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It was not only Lingotto’s design that served as a source of inspiration, his design as well. Olivier François, owner of the brand, gives an example of access ramps, and their aerial design. Designers kept the idea of ​​lightness. Olivier François explains: Less material, more space, this is our vision of interior design for the future”.

Which therefore confirms the fact that this small Fiat will have an important design on purpose, to reduce the price, and play complementarity with the 500, which is rather chic.

In the video, the brand writes that it will be the return of the icon. Will Fiat bring the old name from its boxes, for example Uno?