The luxury DS 3 gets a new look and options.  What are the changes in the column?  |

The luxury DS 3 gets a new look and options. What are the changes in the column? |

DS 3, the luxury city car from French brand DS Automobiles, now gets new capabilities and options.

The DS 3 range now includes four equipment levels, including BASTILLE and PERFORMANCE LINE. Both trims now receive styling updates with tinted rear windows and tailgate, and 17-inch DUBLIN diamond-cut alloy wheels. With comfort in mind, a front armrest, hidden sunroof LED vanity mirrors, an auto-dimming interior mirror with generous lighting, and LED headlights are now offered as standard. Advanced traction control, a system that manages traction on any type of road, is also standard on petrol and diesel engines.

OPÉRA – the height of luxury

The OPÉRA remains on top of the DS 3 range with a Basalt Black Nappa leather interior and leather strap seats. The ESPRIT DE VOYAGE Collection rounds out the offer with a light Pebble Gray interior and exclusive accessories, including 18-inch KYOTO rims.

New connected services are available throughout the year

Throughout the year, the models offered by DS Automobiles are enhanced with new integrated services. In the first quarter, DS 3 E-TENSE and DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE customers were able to use Trip Planner to plan their trips 100% electronically using the MyDS app and upload them to the integrated navigation system.

In the second quarter, the entire range received new services. Each month, each registered user receives a report on the condition of his vehicle as well as a booklet containing a list of all service activities.

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The entire DS IRIS SYSTEM range offers a Street Parking feature, which predicts the likelihood of finding a parking space at your destination.

Remote control features (locking/unlocking the car, sounding the horn or turning on the lights using a smartphone) and Connected Alarm features (sending a text message when the physical alarm is activated) are already introduced on the DS 4 and will appear elsewhere. of frequency in the coming months.

Two integrated service packages are offered as standard

From July 1, all these integrated services are included in two standard equipment packages.

  • Pakiet Connect One it has been integrated for a period of ten years and includes, among other things, SOS and DS Support functions, telephone service, digital service registry and OTA provision for a constantly updated multimedia system.
  • Pakiet Connect Plus attached to DS IRIS SYSTEM for a period of three years. It includes integrated 3D navigation (real-time traffic information, danger zones (according to country-specific regulations), gas station location and fuel prices (for the car) and electric charging stations and natural voice recognition, remote control E- TENSE (charging). programming, advance air conditioning etc.. for electric cars), trip planner (for DS 3 E-TENSE), Smart Access (for used cars) and Send2nav via MyDS app.

source: DS Automobiles

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