The Mazda is half way above the rest of the car

The Mazda is half way above the rest of the car

  2. Lüdenscheid

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A shocking accident happened in Schlachthausstrasse on Wednesday. © Cedric Nougrigat

A shocking accident happened in Lüdenscheid on Wednesday. In the end, the Mazda was half on top of another car – and had to be rescued using a crane.

Lüdenscheid – It was a strange sight that passers-by saw on Schlachthausstrasse in Lüdenscheid on Wednesday afternoon: a silver Mazda was half standing on top of an Opel Corsa parked on the side of the road. The background was a diversionary maneuver that failed; no one was injured in the accident.

According to the police, the accident happened around 2:30 pm near Herscheider Landstrasse. The 88-year-old apparently mixed up the accelerator and brake pedals during a U-turn – and drove his car into this dangerous situation using front-wheel drive. No one was harmed.

Mazda is half over another car: a crane brought to recovery

Later Schlachthausstrasse had to be closed for a few minutes before the fire brigade could remove any liquid leaks or other potential hazards.

There was also a short traffic disruption during the recovery of the car: According to the police, a crane arrived at the accident site about an hour after the accident to return the Mazda to a horizontal position.

A separate accident on Tuesday afternoon on Oedenthaler Strasse had very serious consequences. The car rolled several times. The driver was seriously injured.