The McLaren 765 LT Spider is very predictable

The McLaren 765 LT Spider is very predictable

Check out the McLaren 765 LT Spider here. Is it surprising? Well no. You knew it was coming. You already knew that it would be 49 kg heavier than the Coupé variant. You already knew that it will be a limited edition of only 765 pieces. Does that make the story less interesting? For those who couldn’t build a 765 LT spider, here it is.

With the 765 LT Coupé, McLaren wanted to show off at the 2020 edition of the Geneva Motor Show. The show was canceled and so it took some time before McLaren showed the model live to the public. The first customer-sold copies are now quietly making their way into dealer showrooms. All 765 copies have already been sold and representatives of the English sports car builder have already sold a large part of the production Spider and that is good for production. The brand insists that it only builds cars that are sold by customers.

All cars are individually numbered, just as McLaren gave each Coupé a unique number. In this McLaren differs from Ferrari and Lamborghini, which mention ‘1 of’ and then the total production rate in all its limited editions. That doesn’t mean that McLaren also made exactly 765 units. From Senna there are more than 500 units classified by of 620 R Mclaren built fewer units than the 350 units listed in the interior.

Lover of the cycle

The construction of 765 LT has been going on since last year. Spider Derivative is now added. The technical basis is almost identical. It includes a carbon fiber tube and windshield frame, but some reinforcements have been made to the Spider. McLaren builds a sports car around it with carbon fiber components. The bodywork has been modified according to the technology used, which has been developed on the track. English doesn’t make it as tough as the 620R version of the discontinued Sport Series family. The word LT stands for ‘Longtail’. Less pointed than the 720 S, lighter, sportier and more powerful. A car with an increased track width and different springs and controls has higher minimums for track use.

The 765 LT is not a civilian racing car, but a fast day car with a registration. A characteristic feature of the 765 LT is the exhaust pipes on all four sides. Designers have inserted them into the rear grille, between the rear light units. Due to the movable rear spoiler, whose positions have been adjusted for driving with the roof open and closed, it was not possible to carry the titanium exhaust system pipe on the upper deck, as McLaren did with the 600 LT with its fixed spoiler. The term Longtail mentioned does not really fit the car. Due to the modification, the back is not extended, but the front has a long overhang. In this, Coupé and Spider are similar.

Count Eleven

The biggest difference between the Coupe and the Spider is the roof. The coupe roof gives way to a folding hardtop. The one-piece roof can be opened or closed in 11 seconds. At the same time, the rear window makes a vertical movement. Windows also serve as a wind barrier. The transition from coupé to Spider and vice versa can be done in a stationary position and when the car travels below 50 km / h.

undress him

In the open position, the hood is the part above the power source. The block does not differ from the turbo engine in the Coupé. It has eight cylinders, a displacement of 4.0 liters and has two turbos for better breathing. The rear wheels get 765 hp and 800 Nm through a dual clutch automatic transmission. Under good conditions, the McLaren 765 LT Spider accelerates from a standstill to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds. 200 kilometers per hour is on the speedometer after 7.2 seconds. McLaren offers a top speed of 330 km / h. Compared to the 720 S Spider, the level of performance is not only increased due to the more powerful Ricardo engine, the car’s lower weight also plays a role.

Cito Motors Eindhoven is the second McLaren dealer in the Netherlands

The 765 LT weighs 80 kg less than the standard Super Series model, but with a clean 1388 kg on the hook, the open two-seater is 49 kg heavier than the Coupé sibling. To achieve weight reduction, not only has there been extensive use of lightweight materials such as titanium, carbon fiber and Alcantara, but also items from the 720 S have been left over, such as the air conditioning and sound system. If you want these items, you can list them for free.

Within the weight reduction, 3.0 kg is due to the installation of a lithium-ion battery, 22 kg due to the special Ultra alloy wheels and 18 kg due to the presence of 3.35 kg each racing seats. The absence of carpet saves 2.4 kg and the absence of air conditioning and sound system reduces the weight by 10 and 1.5 kg respectively. The titanium exhaust system weighs just 10.9kg, 40% less than normal. The carbon fiber center channel measures just 0.8mm.

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