The media partnership continues to tell the story of the Nissan Booster community

The media partnership continues to tell the story of the Nissan Booster community

The Japanese automaker has chosen as the exclusive media partner to enhance communications on Nissan Booster, an innovative sports platform dedicated to Formula E fans with live access to the 2023 E-Prix final to be broadcast from London airport., thanks to the support of Talks Media, will be involved in a multi-platform editorial project designed to raise awareness of the Nissan Booster program and strengthen the partnership between the community and the Japanese brand.

What is Nissan Booster: A unique experience for Formula E fans
The Japanese manufacturer has been fighting for the Formula One world championship since the fifth season, i.e. from 2018-2019, but this year the excitement of the competition moves more to the public who follow the race from home thanks to the Nissan Booster game.

The participation procedure is very simple: access to the platform is completely free to play (no participation fee or purchase of packages), after registration, each user will receive a block of 14 digital NFT cards that Nissan can manage thanks to technology. the power of the Polygon chain that hosts the platform itself.

The cards, which are assigned to the players randomly and randomly, represent a specific time of the action on the track, or rather possible events that can happen during the Formula E race. Before each race weekend, each user must create your own. predict and choose playing cards.

To celebrate the launch of Booster, Nissan will organize an e-sports event: two Formula E drivers of the Japanese brand, Sacha Fenestraz and Norman Nato, will compete against ten experienced players in the virtual world of the E-Prix. Italy will be represented by a streamer BerriTVwho will hold two live training sessions on his Twitch channel to prepare for the final challenge with current Nissan Formula E drivers.

The Nissan Booster Trophy will be streamed live on Twitch on May 22 from 7-9pm.

Brand Connection: The Program
The three-month partnership will cover all stages of the Booster program, from racing on individual circuits to challenges between drivers, always keeping in mind Nissan’s commitment to Formula E and its evolution, from the first stages of the virtual circuit to the developing technology. plant new generation models., which has supported, promoted and built credibility and following, for many years, all topics of technology entertainment, lifestyle, e-sports and automotive news as well as video game criticism, has married the project with a great goal and a collaborative and brand integration program based on quality editorial analysis, highly specialized but in a language that is always accessible and functional.

Acting as the main frame of reference for the entire project will, in fact, be a vertical hub set to Add-on, a special page, with a special look and feel, inside the website, always activated and accessible from the “events” section on the home page, full of exclusive content and videos created by the editorial staff, each of which will be supported by the spirit of social commitment involving the assets of Facebook and Instagram and TikTok.

Simone De Marzo, Director of Hidedesign ( publishing company)
“This with Nissan is a special project that we are very proud of: it shows the unique possibilities offered by the crossover of e-sport and gamification (in which Nissan believes with its Booster project) to pass from the world of cars , and especially of Formula E . The site and the editorial staff will create a unique synergy with articles and news, special videos and “shorts” in a vertical format, content that we have been focusing on successfully for the past year, driven by the curiosity and ability to innovate that has always distinguished us, as the success of our social platforms (facebook, instagram, tiktok) shows”.