The Ministry wants the plastic industry to share waste costs – Economy & Volkswagen – News

The Ministry wants the plastic industry to share waste costs – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke wants manufacturers of single-use plastics to share in the costs of removing waste from parks and roads. He is preparing a draft law, Lemke told the German News Agency. With the banning of some plastic products, Germany has taken the first important steps. “I want to go further,” insisted the Green politician.

In particular, it is about establishing a single-use plastic bag (single-use plastic bag), which producers have to pay, according to the amount they sell. “Special tax and financing work” is planned, according to the draft of the corresponding bill, which is coordinated between the ministries. According to the Ministry of Environment, it will be decided by the Federal Council of Ministers in the autumn.

The origin of the project is the single-use plastics directive of the EU, according to which member states have to implement the role of national manufacturers. This applies to take-out containers, film bags and packaging, drink cups and containers, light carry-on bags, rain wipes, balloons and tobacco filters.

Against environmental pollution

According to the Ministry of Environment, the exact type and amount of the planned tax has not yet been determined. Lemke’s predecessor, Svenja Schulze, had already announced a plan to hold manufacturers accountable two years ago. According to the ministry of Lemke, the act of implementation taking a long time is due to studies related to the implementation.

Lemke stressed on the so-called World Cleanup Day («World Cleanup Day») Saturday that pollution must be stopped. “Not only is the disposal of single-use plastic a big nuisance, but the pollution crisis is one of the biggest environmental issues of our time,” he said. “Not disposable plastic, but reusable should be the new standard.”

From 2023, restaurants, bistros and cafes must also serve drinks and food on the go in reusable containers. Lemke said he might also consider introducing a minimum quota for reusable bottles.

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