The most comfortable and functional vehicles for those who want to travel on the road

The most comfortable and functional vehicles for those who want to travel on the road

Going on a road trip is always an exciting experience, which gives that unique sense of adventure.

Of course we must be lucky to own the right car! If we are about to change the past and organize a good road trip, we can draw the advice of experts, and through discount travel we will also be able to save at each stage.

So, let’s start to find out which types of cars are currently the most suitable and suitable for making long and enjoyable trips. A word to the experts.

The perfect car models for a long vacation: from small cars to sedans to SUVs, with a nod to hybrid variations.

How to organize a road trip?

Let’s start by saying that planning a long trip is also possible to keep costs down, especially if the itinerary includes a stopover abroad. In our country oil is still very expensive, but in other reality the price is fortunately still cheap. Let’s remember, among other things, that in Italy we have a state within a state, which is the Republic of San Marino, where we will be able to fill the number one third less than the rest of the boot.

Then choosing a hybrid car not only means saving, but also making sure you don’t run out of steam in the middle of the event. In Italy charging stations are increasing, while abroad they are already a little ahead of us, but if we are really in an area far from urban centers we will be able to count on a full tank of “classic” petrol.

Skoda Fabia for a road trip

The first car recommended by experts is the Skoda Fabia, a small car with a small and simple design but which offers a lot of comfort and low fuel consumption, especially in the 95 HP petrol version. With 5 liters it will be possible to travel more than 100 km comfortably (obviously it also depends on the driving style and track conditions) and last but not least, its 330 liter boot allows you to carry everything you need with you. Even camping tents, given that there are many villages in Italy and France, which can be found thanks to the comparison sites: on the coast, suitable for small children and even 5 stars.

Toyota RAV4 does not give up comfort

For those who have a bad spirit and at the same time want comfort, experts recommend to direct the choice towards the Toyota RAV4, a “classic” among SUVs but which in recent versions has increased safety thanks to innovative technology, and which offers hybrid models. . As we mentioned before, the transition to high-performance vehicles, even in “electric” mode, has now taken a big step. What could be better, then, than going to nature while fully respecting it? Let’s not forget, then, that this SUV boasts a trunk of 580 liters, a power of 218 hp and fuel consumption, in fuel condition, slightly higher than Skoda, or 5.7 liters per 100 km. With a car like this it is also possible to travel in groups and take advantage of discounts on many types of structures: from apartments to bungalows, from hostels to houseboats, and enjoy the experience in the name of savings.

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Staying on the road trip theme: Cupra Formentor

Staying on the theme of SUVs, we cannot fail to mention the high-tech Cupra Formentor, which has a very low fuel consumption (about 4 liters per 100 kilometers) and in the plug-in hybrid variant that provides high performance with a 150 HP engine . The boot has nothing to envy from the top of the range, considering the capacity of almost 500 liters, to its competitors, and thanks to its nature it offers silence and noise reduction that should not be neglected, as a basic factor in being able to continue with less stress on long journeys.