The most coveted jobs in the automotive and aerospace industries

The most coveted jobs in the automotive and aerospace industries

Many people have a desire to work for a particular company or brand. In particular, we are referring to well-known luxury products that offer a certain prestige. Studies have been done that show us which jobs are most desired. Let’s see what they are.

What are you looking for in an ideal work environment?

For many workers, their way of life and behavior has changed, and therefore also their ways of working. Above all, compared to the past, there are different needs and requests, also provided by lower job requirements. What is sought in today’s times is economic security, but above all the relationship between work and life (work life balance) which satisfies both parties without taking anything from each other.

In this ratio what the worker needs, basically, is a limited number of working hours. To be able to devote the remaining time to one’s personal life, commitments, family and so on. It is precisely these two variables, the relationship between work life and pay, that have made many workers change jobs or in any case resign. Studies have shown that over the past year there is greater job continuity, so there is less chance of changing jobs.

Most coveted jobs: most established brands

It is undeniable that everyone wants to work in their dream position. Whether it is ensuring economic stability and respect or developing a genuine passion for a particular job or industry, the goal is always to make one’s professional dreams come true. According to statistics provided by Randstad, a large international organization working in human resources training, the most coveted sectors and brands have been identified. Among the different professions that can be pursued, some are considered to be very popular compared to others. The same consideration can also be extended to brands of manufacturers and companies. Of course, the luxury brand from Maranello is one of them, especially in the eyes of the participants.

Works at Ferrari

All car and automobile history buffs would love to work in the headquarters of these famous sliding horses. Every car and automotive history buff would dream of working at the headquarters of the famous racehorse. But even those who don’t have an unbridled passion for cars are still drawn to this brand, perhaps the most coveted of them all. Indeed, the love and passion that Italians feel especially for this brand, which wrote the history of motoring, also contributes. Ferrari it is not only attractive for its economic strength and popularity, but also for the values ​​that the brand itself embodies.

In recent years, in fact, he has been making efforts to involve and provide more job opportunities. They run and expand new training programs. But Ferrari is not alone and alone in providing new technology and resources for training and finding new employees, and even jobs. Among the important companies that many would like to be a part of and be employed as well Aviation Aero And Thales Alenia space.

Most coveted careers: aviation, aerospace and engineering

the most coveted jobs

Not only companies in the automotive sector arousing the interest of workers, but also companies specializing in the design of aerospace equipment, air vehicles and, in general, aeronautics.. These exciting and innovative fields offer exciting opportunities for those who want to contribute to the conquest of space and the development of space technology. Creative and passionate minds find unparalleled excitement in space exploration and in the creation of aircraft that defy the laws of gravity. Working in these industries means being part of a quality team and contributing to scientific and technological advances that push human horizons towards new frontiers.

Aviation Aero

Avio Aero is a well-known company specializing in the design, manufacture and maintenance of civil and military aeronautical equipment. Founded in 2013, it is headquartered in Turin, Italy, and has many factories distributed throughout the country. The company is highly committed to the research and development of modern equipment and technology, with a particular focus on the production of aerospace engine components, including transmissions, turbines and propellers. With more than 5,200 employees, Avio Aero is part of the prestigious GE Aviation group, a leader in the US aerospace industry.

An interesting curiosity is that Avio Aero created the first aero engine based on a racing car engine. The company works closely with other major manufacturers, such as Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce, and its components are found on commercial aircraft and private jets. Constant pursuit of quality and cooperation with prestigious partners make Avio Aero a reference point in the aviation industry.

Thales Alenia space

the most coveted jobs

Thales Alenia Space is the leading brand recognized in Europe for the manufacture and development of satellites in the space industry. The company was founded in collaboration between Thales and Finmeccanica, and was born from the purchase by the French group Thales of the shares of the two companies Alcatel Alenia Space and Leonardo (formerly known as Finmeccanica).

The company has many offices, including four in Italy: Rome, Turin, Milan and L’Aquila and is dedicated to the design and development of equipment and components in the aerospace, space, defense, security and transport sectors. In particular, Thales Alenia Space focuses on the aerospace industry. designing and making artificial satellites and exploration of various planets. Their satellites are used for navigation, telecommunications and earth observation. The reputation of Thales Alenia Space is consolidated thanks to its expertise and constant innovation in the aerospace sector.

Most coveted careers: Other interesting industries such as media and eCommerce

There are sectors that are particularly attractive for what they offer or for the opportunities they offer to employees. Among these, the ones we have already talked about are not the only ones, there are others that are equally desired.

Sectors that arouse great interest among potential workers in Italy include several areas. At the top of the list is the mediaan area indicated by 64% of Italians as a source of professional attraction. Immediately behind is the aerospace industry, chosen by 63% of potential employees, and the automotive industry, which collects 62% of preferences (analyzed above).

However, it is in eCommerce where there is a significant increase in interest compared to the previous year, with 57% of Italians considering it as a job opportunity.. At the same time, the ICT/web services and consumer products sectors maintain stability in their differentiating influences.

Career development

the most coveted jobs

In recent days, also due to the economic crisis, many workers have left their jobs. Some have made this decision, others have thought about it, but all have been motivated by the search for greater career opportunities and prospects. Statistical data confirms that many workers have left their jobs in search of a more secure, better-paid or with better opportunities for professional growth. This is what everyone is looking for. Statistics show that 13% of workers have left their jobs in the last six months, while 24% plan to or want to.

This trend is especially visible in the age group between 25 and 34 years. Today’s young people are looking for a secure job that offers security and, above all, a good salary. Moreover, it is those with a high level of education who make this choice, according to the time set for training and the method of education.

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