The most expensive CS:GO skin worth a house, for sale!

The most expensive CS:GO skin worth a house, for sale!

Record transactions in CS:GO

Maybe for the upcoming premiere Counter Strike 2 investors and collectors decided to invade the market for the popular Valve game. Because of this, we can witness transactions amounting to thousands of dollars. Until recently, the record holder in this category was skin do AK-47 “Wild Lotus” sold in March for approx 160 thousand dollars.

His new killer is the “Blue Gem” Dried Case Skin for Tier 1. The AK-47 skin with four of the rarest Titan Holos stickers from IEM Katowice 2014 has sold for 400 thousand dollars, i.e. more than PLN 1.5 million. The item was listed in November 2022, which means the seller waited only half a year for an offer from an interested party. It is worth noting that the Karambit Case Reinforced “Blue Gem” was also sold in the same transaction for approx. 100 thousand dollars.

Of course, many people will ask why is this skin expensive?? It includes a few features, starting with the model number 661, that set it apart from other cheaper models. In this version, the skin has a more blue color, and in addition it is StatTrak Minimal wear, that is, the weapon has a counter and full condition. Such a high price is also largely due to the four stickers of the former Titan esports team in the Holo edition from IEM Katowice 2014. The market for Counter Strike skins has gone crazy and we can be sure that another big deal is just a matter of time.

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