The most expensive electric car from VW subsidiary Elli >

The most expensive electric car from VW subsidiary Elli >

Image: Ionity (symbol image)

Along with last April’s tax reform, Volkswagen subsidiary Elli merged with the electric car service providers in Germany, which may also be of interest to Tesla drivers in high demand, because prices have risen several times there. in the beginning and they rose more towards the end. of the year. Now, however, the situation seems to be reversed: Elli also increased its prices in December 2022 and will take another step in this direction on June 1 – while Tesla fell sharply this year.

Tesla as a “Chosen Partner” in Elli?

The fact that the prices of electric car shops in Elli are increasing is not straightforward in a press release, which VW published on Thursday. Instead, it is emphasized that Elli’s tariff system becomes simpler: Across Europe, the bill is now based on kilowatt hours, the life of the service without a blocking fee is sometimes increased and the subscription period is reduced to one month. This should help “downstream price adjustments for new customers, which cannot be avoided due to cost increases”.

The communication landscape is about to change so much that “price adjustments” are not even estimated. There should be more information on Elli’s homepage, but it still showed the last tax on Thursday. Apparently only publication and information about it.

Accordingly, they rise to 89 cents per kilowatt hour in tariffs without the basic charge. After all, you can now cancel the subscription every month. And Elli wants to take on other “Select Partners” at higher costs, including Ionity, whose poles will cost 50 cents instead of 73 cents for non-partners. Previously, the subscription fee of 14.99 euros per month, which was renamed from Drive Highway to Elli Premium, cost 58 cents for DC columns from any operator and 35 cents for Ionity. Who the partners will be is still open – theoretically even Tesla would be an option, because its superchargers have been connected to the European roaming platform since March.

Supercharger prices have dropped this year

As a second subscription level, Elli previously offered Drive City for EUR 7.99 per month. According to, this becomes Elli Base with a base fee of 4.99 euros and a fixed Ionity price of 79 cents per kilowatt hour. However, current direct payments with other operators now cost the same as before, at 0.64 cents less. In tariffs without a base fee, Elli will charge the aforementioned 89 cents per hour per hour, and Ionity will remain at 79 cents. Charging the AC will also be more expensive with Elli Free instead of the previous Free Storage – 69 cents instead of 60 cents.

All in all, Elli’s modifications and flexibility lead to price increases. In comparison with Tesla, among other things, they now look less attractive. After charging in Germany cost up to 70 cents per kilowatt during the same period, it has become cheaper again this year. The reduction was followed a little later by a significant increase, but at the beginning of May Tesla again reduced its German charging prices by almost 25 percent, so that some of them are now less than 40 cents per kilowatt hour. With electric cars from other brands, you pay about 15 cents more, but with a subscription of 12.99 euros per month you can reduce the price to the level of Tesla stores.