The most expensive Fiat – this model was not very successful

The most expensive Fiat – this model was not very successful

Fiat is not known for producing high priced models, but something is different this time. Here is a really silly story.

Today we will make you forget it all for a while Fiat that you are used to seeing around, to tell you about a unique example that will take us back in time. The house of Turin, until now, is known for models such as the Panda, Nuova 600, Punto and many others, but in the past it produced many other types of cars, which still stood out for their originality.

The most expensive of the FIATs (Mondofuoristrada)

Of course, Fiat has always been in the logic of cars for people, without ever building supercars, but today we will bring you the knowledge of discrimination that few will believe. In fact, it is the only creature from this manufacturer to put a V8 engine, and it has been inspired by America, a very celebrated country in the period in which it was built.

Fiat, here is the most expensive car of all time

There Fiat, as mentioned, has always focused on a certain type of car, especially small cars or in any case suitable for all budgets. If we go back seventy years, exactly, to 1952, we will find a slightly different case, discovering 8V, also called Ottov├╣, or written as it is pronounced.

Also, if you look at this photo, you can understand how completely different work was done in front of the shapes, which are more reminiscent of American cars of that period. Only one hundred examples were built, so much so that production, which started in 1952 as mentioned earlier, stopped already in 1954, but one example attracted the curiosity of enthusiasts in a small way.

Fiat 8V and its history (RM Sotheby’s) –

Let’s talk about the 8V Supersonic by A pebble, a body shop that has always offered the best in terms of tuning and modification of cars, and which on this occasion worked perfectly on the Fiat we are talking about. The engine, we remember, was a V8 as the car’s name also implies, the only one made by the Turin company, with a high speed that was capable of exceeding 200 kilometers per hour, a record value for that era. considering that we are talking about the period immediately after the war.

V8 Supersonic and A pebble he was also loved by Steve McQueen, who has been fascinated by the world of cars, also saw his film at the 24 hours of Le Mans. Undoubtedly, this was the most unusual car of the Piedmontese brand, and some time ago it was sold at auction, the only remaining example, for a considerable amount to say the least.

Auction House RM Sotheby’s in fact, he sold it for between 1.7 and 2 million dollars, a cost that no one could imagine for a car of this brand. At this time, such an example attracted many collectors around the world, even if the name of who brought it home is unknown. The 8V also attracted coachbuilders to such an extent that even Zagato he decided to make his own version, proving a car that, although built in fewer units, remains an absolute Masterpiece.