The new Alfa Romeo Giulia diesel shocks the price.  That’s about 300,000.  zloty!

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia diesel shocks the price. That’s about 300,000. zloty!

Two refreshed Alfa Romeos – Giulia and Stelvio – will soon debut in Polish showrooms. Thanks to modernization, the “Italians” received not only visual changes to hide their age, but also several accessories, such as 12.3-inch digital clocks. The only question is whether it won’t be enough for customers to swallow the bitter pill of a new, higher price.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2023. Facelift prices

The increase can be seen already in the example of the difference in gasoline – the entry threshold is now 230,000 ant. zlotys. That’s how the Italians paid the price of the basic version of the Super with a 2.0 GME Turbo engine with 280 hp. And this is the only variant powered by such fuel, because the weak, 200-horsepower “petrol” disappeared from the offer. At this time, Alfa Romeo has not decided to refresh the 510 horsepower version of the Quadrifoglio, but they have not yet said a firm “no”.

The second engine is a 210 hp 2.2 JTDM diesel unit, which was left out just so that the Giulia would not be left with a palette consisting of only one engine. Why do we think so? Due to the high price, which is as much as 281 thousand. PLN for the base Ti variant with this engine! A petrol Giulia with such equipment costs PLN 252,000. PLN – many people willing to pay around PLN 30,000 PLN for a weak engine for 70 hp is impossible to be.

2.0 GME Turbo 280 hp Q4

230 thousand zlotys

241 thousand zlotys

252 thousand zlotys

263 thousand zlotys

282 thousand zlotys

2.2 JTDM 210 HP Q4

281 thousand zlotys

292 thousand zlotys

Photo: Stellantis

12.3 inch digital clocks are the new thing

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2023. Facelift prices

The same changes (and increase!) took place in the engine palette of the Italian SUV. Stelvio, according to Giulia, is more expensive – here you have to put at least 259,000 on the table. PLN (2.0 GME Turbo 280 HP in the Super version), and you will have to spend up to 291,000 for the purchase of an affordable Stelvio with a diesel (in the Ti version). zlotys.

2.0 GME Turbo 280 hp Q4

259 thousand zlotys

270 thousand zlotys

281 thousand zlotys

292 thousand zlotys

315 thousand zlotys

2.2 JTDM 210 HP Q4

291 thousand zlotys

302 thousand zlotys

Are there any pluses? Now in all “Italians” we get an all-wheel drive (Q4) and an automatic 8-speed gearbox as standard. In addition, the inferior Super version is not “naked” at all, because its equipment includes, among others: 12.3-inch virtual instrument cluster, Full LED matrix navigation lights, heated side mirrors, camera reverse, cruise control, automatic air conditioning, rear USB-A and USB-C ports, electric tailgate (Stelvio) or keyless entry.