The new Audi A3 2024: how it changes in Delivery

The new Audi A3 2024: how it changes in Delivery

New Audi A3 it is ready for sale in the market after pending modifications.

Through stolen photos and exclusive illustrations, Auto-Moto reveals the main lines of the Audi A3 redesign, expected in the coming months.

Despite its youth, given that it will be released in 2020, the Audi A3 already seems to be working hard to complete its modification. Present time Mercedes A-Class got a facelift last summer, a revamp of the BMW 1 Series is expected in the coming months, but Audi could follow suit very quickly, against all odds. A stealth model just spotted by our hunter suggests such advanced development, that this new A3 could lift the curtain on a new look by the end of the year.

Obviously, Audi’s current compact doesn’t welcome updates from the two German rivals. And especially those that the Series 1 will soon benefit from, whose ancestors have decided to completely renew board to accommodate a large digital panel including two screens, one of which is touch sensitive, like the A-Class. So the Audi A3 has a lot to fear when it comes to interior performance. However, the example of Ingolstadt is unlikely to revolutionize its internal affairs. Indeed, the establishment of this type of The XXL screen should only be launched next year on the future A4.

So it is on the outside that many changes are expected on this new Audi A3. The shape of the headlights will not change one iota, it seems, but new daytime running lights will be used. Further down, we can see the redesigned air intake inside the bumper, which negates any protruding edges. In this regard, the profile of the front grille will be more smooth according to the brand’s new stylistic policy.


In profile, the wheels should also benefit from a new design, even if the development model seen in Lapland has wheels that are already known. Changes will be more visible in the section behind, while the daytime running lights of the new Audi A3 are arrow-shaped. The lower bumper will also get a new look, as shown by the vertical reflectors. In comparison, the current A3 has balanced indicators.

It is still too early to give any indication on engine changes. Units may include i48V bride, while the rechargeable units, two at the moment (204 and 245 hp), can have higher power levels and the range of all electrics will increase significantly.
The new Audi A3 could be launched at the end of the year, ahead of the first delivery scheduled for early 2024. A complete overhaul of the range that will probably coincide with the launch of a slightly raised and attractive version called the A.ll Street. Although expected last summer, the final season appears to have been postponed to take advantage of the media attention that will be devoted to the series-wide revamp.