The new BMW 5 and Aston Martin.  Hot Flash – episode 92 – Video

The new BMW 5 and Aston Martin. Hot Flash – episode 92 – Video


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• As a luxury brand like Aston Martin, new models are rarely presented, even more so it is worth noting that the incredible DB12 has appeared. According to the manufacturer, the DB12 is not a GT class car, but a full representative of the Super Tourer range, i.e. cars designed to cover long distances quickly.
• The latest, eighth generation, BMW 5 Series starts in internal combustion, hybrid and fully electric versions. As with other models of the Bavarian manufacturer, the difference between the combustion and electric versions is purely cosmetic.
• Abarth’s first ever electric model, the 500e, is now available in Polish showrooms. The zero-emission Scorpion is based on the Fiat 500e, with suspension, brakes and steering optimized for performance. The Abarth 500e is slightly lighter than the regular Fiat 500e, which, thanks to the 42 kWh battery and the 150 hp engine, translates into better traction parameters.
• Skoda expands its lineup of electric SUVs with the luxurious Enyaq Laurin & Klement variant, available in two body styles. Exterior highlights include chrome window surrounds and roof rails, details finished in Platinum Gray and 20- or 21-inch wheels.
• The increase in sales of electric vehicles makes some happy, others give them a headache. German media warns that soon there may be no electricity to charge electric cars, which is why you will have to consider the power limitations of home chargers.
• Experts from the Frontier Economics consulting company calculated how much it will cost to implement the Euro 7 emission standard in 2025. For passenger cars with gasoline engines it will amount to EUR 2,000, for trucks and buses around EUR 12,000.