The New BMW M2 CS 2024: The Latest News

The New BMW M2 CS 2024: The Latest News

As captured in recent spy shots, the upcoming 2024 BMW M2 CS boasts an impressive rear design highlighted by a tail spoiler borrowed from the esteemed G82 M4 CSL. While it’s not surprising, the production M2 will undergo only minor revisions compared to its predecessor. The focus remains primarily on enhancing mechanical performance and implementing impactful upgrades, relegating visual enhancements to a smaller scale.

Technical and Performance Advancements in Store

Regarding the powerhouse beneath the hood, the S58’s 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine in the M2 CS will witness a substantial power boost from its current output of 453 horsepower. Taking cues from the improvements made to the M3 and M4 models, it is highly likely that the G87 M2 CS will receive similar enhancements. Given the absence of any indications for an M2 CSL variant from BMW, it appears sensible to introduce more iterations of the G87 M2 CS, potentially endowing it with a power output ranging from 500 to 518 horsepower.

Regrettably, this could also entail the exclusion of the standard manual transmission option in the 2025 BMW M2 CS. Instead, the M2 CS will exclusively employ an eight-speed automatic transmission. Undoubtedly, this decision may disappoint enthusiasts, especially considering the previous generation M2 CS offered a manual gearbox. However, BMW’s delay in updating the current six-speed transmission to handle the increased torque makes the adoption of the eight-speed automatic the logical choice.

Luxurious Interior Enhanced by BMW’s Carbon Fiber Racing Kit

Inside the G87 M2 CS, BMW showcases its carbon fiber racing kit, further elevating the vehicle’s interior aesthetics and performance appeal.

Anticipated Launch and Production

While an official unveiling by BMW is yet to take place, it is certain that a new M2 sports car is in the works. The G87 M2 CS is expected to enter production in limited quantities during the latter half of 2025, following its imminent launch.