The new BMW M2 tested on the track.  This will be the last “wake up” without electricity

The new BMW M2 tested on the track. This will be the last “wake up” without electricity

Today it is impossible to mention electrification, even on the occasion of the premiere of an internal combustion car. An example is the new BMW M2, which – yes – will not be electrified, but will be the last model in the history of BMW M GmbH. Instead of worrying about this news, let’s focus on what the Germans have prepared for us.

BMW M2 model at Salzburgring

We are already shuffling our feet, but the official presentation of the smallest “real emek” will have to wait until October this year. For now, we have to content ourselves with pictures of the camouflaged prototype in action and a few important technical details that were revealed after testing at the Salzburgring in Austria. Fortunately, this is the final phase of the development of the new BMW M2.

Photo: BMW

The new BMW M2 has entered its final testing phase

What do we know about him? Even the regular version of the M2 will offer the same performance as the previous one hard drive BMW M2 CS. This means that we can calculate at least 450 KM. They will be offered with a proven power unit transplanted from the BMW M3 and M4 (although, due to the leadership position, it is a little “honorable”). The new “emdójka” from the big brothers will also get an adjustable suspension and a power braking system.

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Purists will love the new BMW M2

Electricity? What electricity again?! Inline, 3-liter “six” has no standard and cooperation with the electric motor, and the power will be directed entirely to the rear axle. However, this is not the end of the good news for the purists. If someone – even at the cost of performance – prefers to “swing” the 6-speed transmission lever himself, he will be able to realize this whim in the new BMW M2. For those who are comfortable, the offer will include an 8-speed automatic by the famous company ZF.

Fans "guidelines" will not be disappointed in the new BMW M2Photo: BMW

Manual fans will not be disappointed in the new BMW M2

What else do we know about the new BMW M2? The list of optional equipment will be extensive and will even include items such as a lightweight roof made of carbon fiber or carbon bucket seats for the driver and passenger signed by the M logo. The details will be announced in October this year, and the first BMW M2 will appear in the rooms of exhibitions in April 2023