The new BMW M3 CS is the most powerful in history, has all-wheel drive and has an exotic look |  versions

The new BMW M3 CS is the most powerful in history, has all-wheel drive and has an exotic look | versions

In 2021, Autoesporte tested the BMW M3 Racing Track and nailed it: the frame is apart when driving a 510 hp sports car. Now the Bavarian brand doubles down and offers a foolproof recipe: less weight and more power in the BMW M3 CS.

The abbreviation CS is derived from Competition Sedan, which means that M3 is improved even more so on the slopes. For this, the engineers modified the engine 3.0 turbo in-line six-cylinder to arrive hp 550, especially the same one that powers the M4 CSL. This is the most powerful six-cylinder engine in history. The torque of 66.3 kgfmhowever, it has not changed.

The exchange follows directly from all-wheel drive, which is less exciting than the previous generation M3 CS, which had rear-wheel drive. However, it is possible to allocate a large percentage of torque electronically to the rear wheels.

The BMW M3 CS has the most powerful six-cylinder 3.0 biturbo engine in history — Photo: Disclosure

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h was a tenth of a second faster, dropping from 3.4 seconds in the M3 Racing to 3.2 seconds in the M3 CS. With the M Driver Package, the sedan can reach 303 km / h maximum speedwhich is limited electronically.

In addition to the increased engine appetite, the M3 underwent a carbon fiber-based diet. Several plastic parts were reinforced with material, reducing the weight of the sedan by 34 kg. Carbon fiber is present in various parts such as the hood, front splitter, air intakes, mirror caps, rear diffuser and spoiler on the trunk lid.

The BMW M3 CS features carbon fiber on the fins, center console and bucket seats — Photo: Disclosure

Carbon fiber is also seen on the roof of the M3 CS, on the center console, on the fins behind the steering wheel and on the front seats. What contributed the most to weight loss was the creation of a titanium rear muffler. The downside is that BMW chose to remove the air vents for the rear seats.

Visually, the car is distinguished by red outline on the grid, which has a new internal structure. The front bumper was also redesigned. The forged wheels are 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. Carbon ceramic brakes are optional.

The BMW M3 CS will cost around BRL 603,000 in direct conversion — Photo: Disclosure

BMW said the M3 CS will be in limited production, but did not say how many units will be made. In the US, the new M3 CS is priced at US$118,700 (about R$603,000 in direct conversion). The M3 Competition is sold in Brazil for R$799,950.

But everything shows that The most powerful M3 in history will not come to Brazil. In addition to BMW not confirming its import, brand sources are reporting that there are actually no plans to bring it here. It is worth remembering that the station wagon version, the M3 Touringit also did not arrive in the country through official channels, but through free imports – which cost R $ 2 million.

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