The new Chevrolet Aveo is being shown for the first time in Mexico as an entry-level model

The new Chevrolet Aveo is being shown for the first time in Mexico as an entry-level model

It will go on sale there in the first half of 2023

In Europe and the United States, the Chevrolet Aveo can be known as the top model of the brand in the 2000s. The small car was also available in Germany between 2006 and 2011, when Chevrolet was still a full distributor here. But the Aveo lives in Mexico, and the new version is coming for the 2024 model year. Sales will begin in the first half of 2023.

In Mexico, the Aveo is currently available as a four-door sedan, but the new generation will only be available as a five-door hatchback.

Compared to the previous version (see above), the new generation has a more angular design that gives them a more modern look. The headlights are slimmer and more blocky.

The side profile is reminiscent of the Opel Astra K, which was created under the direction of GM. In the back, the waist line bends up, making the back look sharper. The rear is provided with a diffuser shown. Small wheels are amazing.

Chevy has yet to release any photos of the 2024 Aveo’s interior or any available trim levels. The company says the car has six airbags and seat belt reminders for front and rear passengers.

The current Aveo has an open interior. Equipment features include a 4.2-inch infotainment screen and automatic climate control.

Another aspect Chevy doesn’t talk about yet is the model’s power. For comparison: the current Aveo in Mexico has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 109 hp (80 kilowatts) and delivers a torque of 141 Newton meters. Buyers can choose between a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic to drive the front wheels.

Like its predecessors in the United States, the Aveo is Chevy’s most affordable vehicle in Mexico. Prices for the current model there start at 276,400 Mexican pesos (around 13,250 euros at the current exchange rate). The Onix and Cavalier make up the rest of the automaker’s four-door sedan lineup in the country.

In the United States, Chevrolet has a rapidly declining range of vehicles. The Spark is on the verge of extinction, and there are signs that the Malibu won’t be available for much longer either. The Camaro also has an uncertain future. On the other hand, there are signs that Corvette is being transformed into its own brand.