The new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a naturally aspirated V8 and more than 670 hp

The new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a naturally aspirated V8 and more than 670 hp

The Corvette Z06 has always been a direct derivative of the racing series. This is no different with the new Z06. It traces its lifeline directly to the Corvette C8.R, which GM has been racing with since 2020. Accordingly, the Z06 sets itself apart from the regular Stingray in many ways.

The 9.4 cm wide track, which of course also has wider fenders on both axles, ensures a bold appearance. At the front, the wheel arches are pushed out by 30 millimeters each, and at the rear they are 40 millimeters further out. The Z06 has an overall width of 2,025 millimeters. The side air intakes also grow to provide more oxygen to the new V8. A newly designed front apron along with a revised rear apron also strive for cooler airflow. There is a two-part damage mouth at the back, the angle of attack which can be changed. In front, the additional division leads to further reduction.

Big wheels, sharp setup

20-inch wheels roll into the wheel arches at the front, while the Z06 has 21-inch wheels at the rear. There are five designs to choose from forged aluminum rims. These are equipped with 275/30 tires at the front and 345/25 tires at the rear axle, which Michelin offers in the form of the Pilot Sport 4S ZP.

To meet even sportier demands, the Magnetic Ride chassis has a more aggressive configuration. The six-piston brake system on the front axle, which has been extended to 370 mm, provides more stopping power. Back, four-piston calipers even bite into 380 discs. Transmission continues through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. For more racing power, this works in conjunction with a shortened rear axle ratio. The Z06 should not miss the cockpit theme which is full of carbon fiber and leather. Adrenaline Red color is not available for Z06.

Mega-Spoiler im Z07-Package

If you miss the rear spoiler that was already seen on the prototypes, you should check out the Z07’s optional package. That makes the Z06 even raceier. Included in the package is a large carbon rear wing on its upper pillars. To match this, the additional splits and flanks go to the front apron. There’s also a new underbody, a stiffer chassis setup, a carbon ceramic brake system from Brembo with 398 discs at the front and 391 discs at the rear and super-fat Michelin Cup 2R ZP tires. For an extra charge, these can be fitted with real carbon wheels, which reduce unsprung mass by a further 18.6kg. GM notes the dry weight in the Z07 trim at 1,561 kg.


The all-new LT6 V8 is based on the Corvette racing engine.

But all these are just external things. Let’s turn to the V8 heart of the Z06. The all-new eight-cylinder is codenamed LT6 and has a displacement of 5.5 liters. Charging? Nothing! Here, the engine is freely fed and generously revved thanks to the flat-plane crankshaft. GM allows a maximum of 8,600 visits for eight wheels with an aluminum block. Four valves – made of titanium on the intake side – per cylinder and two overhead camshafts per bank of cylinders control the gas flow. Forged aluminum pistons and titanium connecting rods reduce moving mass. Dry sump lubrication ensures oil supply in all conditions.

Flatplane V8 with 670 SAE HP

The bottom line is that the LT6-V8 draws a performance curve on paper that reaches a peak of 670 SAE HP at 8,400 revolutions and a maximum of 623 SAE Nm at 6,300 rpm. Measured according to DIN, the values ​​are probably slightly higher. According to the manufacturer, the Z06 accelerates from zero to 60 mph (96.6 km/h) in just 2.6 seconds. In the LT6 engine, one worker is responsible for the best interaction of all components, who can forever put himself on the plaque on the V8.

The Z06 is built as a coupe and convertible with a retractable hardtop in both right- and left-hand drive at Corvette headquarters in Bowling Green. Twelve exterior and seven interior colors are offered. The Z06 can also be customized in many ways. Prices for the Z06 for the 2023 model year start at $105,300 (currently equivalent to less than 108,000 euros) with coupe transmission; the convertible is exactly $7,500 (around 7,700 euros) more expensive. For comparison: the base model Corvette Stingray is available from 64,500 dollars (about 66,000 euros). This means all Corvette variants are now $300 more expensive than last summer.

Orders were first stopped and then restarted

After Chevrolet only opened the order books for the Z06 at the end of July 2022, they closed again after just a few weeks. The reason was widespread supply chain problems that made it impossible for GM to increase production to the required levels. Although there was certainly no lack of interest, the manufacturer did not want to collect a large number of special orders that might not be able to process. Meanwhile, Chevrolet is accepting orders for 2023 Z06 Corvettes again. This is very surprising; many observers assumed that the order books would not reopen for 2024 models.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06


The Z06 is available in both body styles.

GM has come up with an incentive system so that those Z06 buyers who get the chance don’t immediately sell their coveted cars at a huge profit (the so-called “jumping” can annoy some customers and damage their image). Anyone who participates in the brand’s internal bonus program “My Chevrolet Rewards” automatically receives 500,000 points, which are worth 5,000 dollars (a good 5,100 euros). However, there are several availability: The amount is not available for cash, but the bonus points can only be redeemed for accessories or other products that accompany the car. And GM originally didn’t want to pay until after a year. If the car is sold early, the first owner will walk away empty-handed – that’s the plan. However, after protests from traders and customers, this time window has now been shortened to six months.

There is no way around it!And, well!

Chevrolet is gradually expanding the Corvette series. The Stingray is now followed by the Z06 with a cool 670 hp and an optional mega spoiler. It gets an all-new engine and commands a bigger premium than the regular Corvette model. This can be reduced – practically and theoretically – by $5,000 if you keep the car for at least six months. Or first-time owners will make a bigger deal if they resell the coveted Z06 for an additional fee. The latter is currently possible without any problems due to the market conditions.