The New Chevrolet Spin will have a digital dashboard and multimedia center with Wi-Fi connectivity

The New Chevrolet Spin will have a digital dashboard and multimedia center with Wi-Fi connectivity

A Chevrolet Spin will be fixed soon, waiting for a seven-seat opponent in the R$ 120,000 range, which, in this case, will be Citroen C3 Aircross. The minivan will have visual upgrades inside and out, and will receive new technology. One of them is about connection.

GM is revamping its OnStar system, which will allow remote updates on all vehicles that have Internet access. This is not the case with the Spin yet, but it will be when it hits stores between the end of this year and the beginning of 2024.

In addition, the model will receive a digital dashboard in top versions of the line, as well as integration with multimedia. The system will not be the same SilveradoBlazer and other more expensive models of the brand, for example, which has a GPS mirror on the pillar and other details.

The minivan’s multimedia will also be updated and will now offer a MyLink system with on-board Wi-Fi. Finally, the Spin is consistent with technologies that have been offered in other Chevrolet vehicles over the years.

Tracker and MyLink 8-inch multimedia prototype – Image: Disclosure

It’s worth mentioning that this infotainment system is different from what the Silverado will do, as well as future ones. Blazer e Equinox and other more expensive cars Chevrolet. The new multimedia center for these models will be Google Built in, in other words, a type of laptop that works independently of the mobile phone.

Through the app store Googlethe user will be able to download a series of navigation or music applications.

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The update will also be remote, but more extensive than cars with the current system. The brand can, for example, launch updates to the engine and gearbox modules. The owner will not need to take the car to a workshop to do this. Even mechanical inspections can be done remotely.

O OnStar and GM Concierge Service. Using a button inside, occupants call a call center that supports calling emergency services, tracking the vehicle and controlling basic functions over the phone. mobile app.

A Chevrolet he says, for example, more than 90% of cars with the system that were stolen ended up being recovered. The service is free for the first year and is then billed for plans ranging from R$83.40 to R$121.90.

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