The new Chinese city car makes the Fiat 500 and Mini tremble: it’s exactly the same, it’s booming in Italy right away.

The new Chinese city car makes the Fiat 500 and Mini tremble: it’s exactly the same, it’s booming in Italy right away.

From the East, they targeted the European market and did so with a car that is very reminiscent of the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper. Details.

There is little to do. Small, agile and comfortable. If you are looking for a car to deal with everyday city traffic, the best choice is a city car. Low cost, as well as utility, not to mention the ease of parking, another strong point of this segment that cannot be underestimated. Asking Fiat about the success of its 500 is the right market segment that has brought various satisfactions to car manufacturers over the years.

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On the market, on the price list, there are many. Many manufacturers have focused on this type of vehicle driven by driver requests. Something that is not only connected to the Old Continent, because in other latitudes they are beginning to be interested in this segment, which remains one of the most profitable of all along with SUVs and compact cars.

We are talking about new things coming from the East, among these there are JAC extension one of the leaders of China’s automobile organization, along with BYD. It is clear that they are also working on the electric car, proposing their combustion cars, which are converted to zero emissions. But that was in the past, because now it tells another story.


That of JAC EV3the first car full of electricity ‘New’. And for this reason a new logo was presented on this car, which also symbolizes the new identity of the company, which also led to a new name: YiWe. The platform used is FROM and batteries integrated into Cell to Body, a design designed for this. The engine is also worth mentioning: nine integrated functions, among them: transmission, power electronics, charger. All in one module.

Rounded lines and a design very reminiscent of that of 500 and of Mini. A very accurate choice that is aimed at the European market. Another tip is the dimensions of this model: length 4025 mm, width 1,770 mm and height 1,560 mm. And it is also possible to choose between two types of engines: 70 kW or 100 kW, the battery is there LFP extension for 46 cells cylinders in the Gotion series.

New Jac Ev3 (Instagram photo) –

If this is the present, the future has more important information. Indeed, at the Shanghai Auto Show, JAC displayed the Na+ logo on one of its vehicles on the door. Which is to represent the arrival of the sodium ion battery, but no further details.

Back to EV3, it will be possible to choose this car in different colors, among these there are white, beige, gray, green and purple. However, some things change depending on the version, such as the windshield styles. Or the front grille or rear view mirror, but others too. Behind the mark JAC extension it’s in the middle, the EV3 logo is in the lower right. The interior has an LCD instrument cluster, a main control screen, but the specifications were not disclosed by the company.