The new Dacia C-Neo is a step up in the C segment. A cheaper competitor is coming, the Peugeot 408 |

The new Dacia C-Neo is a step up in the C segment. A cheaper competitor is coming, the Peugeot 408 |

Dacia does not want to stop. After a good change of identity in the design studio of the brand, the work is going well. New C-segment cars are being developed. The Romanian manufacturer is developing the project under the working name C-Neo. If the car follows the image of the studio KDesign then we will see a cheaper competitor to Peugeot 408 and Renault Rafale.

The Romanian manufacturer’s product line development strategy includes, first of all, the long-awaited Dacia Bigster. “For a long time” because we have been interested in this model since the beginning of the concept version, i.e. since the beginning of 2021. Some sources claim that the car will be called Grand Duster to bring the car closer to its younger brother, but we still have to wait for a longer period of time for official confirmation of the name. Although Dacia is in no rush to launch its big SUV, it still has its hands full. At the same time, the company was busy changing the style language of its cars and the graphic design of its sales points. In addition, the Jogger with a hybrid drive was launched in the market.

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New Dacia like Renault Rafale?

According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Dacia Bigster will enter the assembly line in mid-2025, but two other C-segment models are also planned. As reported by the car portal L’argus, the plans include the C-Neo project, shrouded in secrecy at the moment, which includes two models with a length of about 4.6 m according to Bigster. The first of them will be a station wagon, and the second will be a car with a Coupe SUV body that has become fashionable in recent years, which, at a well-calculated price, should attract a large group of customers to Dacia showrooms. To create visuals, KDesign studio used photos Renault Rafale leaving the same daytime running lights and rims. The Dacia C-Neo has a sleek line derived from the premium segment and a front look taken from the brand’s last line.

The Renault Rafale offering will include a 200 HP hybrid system, but the brand is also promoting a 300 HP car. Dacia does not intend to compete with Renault in terms of power, but the offer will include petrol engines, as well as LPG versions. The catalog includes a 1.2 48V gasoline unit with gas installation and a power of 130 or 140 HP and a new hybrid with a 1.8 engine, which will develop 160 HP. Dacia will introduce a plug-in version later.

The first car that is part of the C-Neo project will debut in 2026.

Source: KDesign, L’argus, Dacia

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