The new Dacia Duster III was caught during testing in Romania!  We have pictures

The new Dacia Duster III was caught during testing in Romania! We have pictures

The new third generation Dacia Duster is undergoing final road tests. The car was photographed in Romania.

Dacia Duster III is one of the first expected car launches this year. The manufacturer hopes to completely break away from the image of a budget car and compete strongly in the SUV market. It wants to be what Jeep was – a segment icon. The premiere is expected later this year and the new model could be so popular that the factory in Mioveni is keeping full production capacity for it, transferring the remaining cars to other plants.

The new Duster was photographed during the final road tests in Romania. In the picture we see a muscular figure, very hidden. The manufacturer even went so far as to change the number of the rear window by covering it so that it does not reveal the final frame. However, a lot can be inferred from what you can see – the basic proportions of the body will not change, but below you can already see an outline of the planned silhouette on the Bigster.

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Similar to the current offer, the Duster will be sold with petrol engines, as well as an LPG plant installation and a hybrid drive. It should also have a 4×4 option available. The diesel version will probably continue to be offered for now, as it is still popular with off-road customers and others who appreciate the economical and powerful 1.5 dCi engine.

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The debut of Dacia Duster III is expected in the summer of this year, and we will finally see the car in showrooms in the first quarter of 2024. The price is still unknown. Currently, the Duster starts at PLN 79,900 in the Polish price list.


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