The new Dacia Duster in the program “Dacia Flex” is already in Polish showrooms.  What is the offer?  |

The new Dacia Duster in the program “Dacia Flex” is already in Polish showrooms. What is the offer? |

The new Dacia Duster is now available under the “Flex” program. What is the offer? Customers can order the SUV by choosing one of the immediately available units, and then exchange it for the new model, which will go on sale in March 2024.

The offer is aimed at those who want to drive the new Duster, but are wondering if they should wait for the new generation model. In the Dacia Flex program, they can buy an available car immediately and exchange it for the New Duster when it is already on sale in showrooms in Poland.

Thanks to the Smart Start leasing program, customers can leave the showroom with a new Dacia with a very low down payment and no down payment. The recommended financing period is from 2 to 5 years. The fixed interest rate ensures an unchanged payment amount throughout the financing period. What sets Smart Start apart is its flexibility. Customers have the option to terminate the loan agreement early and, after prior agreement with the dealer, they can sell their car early without paying additional costs. In the Smart Start program, you can take advantage of additional services, for example, an inspection package and an extended warranty.

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Now, as part of the Smart Start program, Dacia offers a new option called Dacia Flex, commitment to the Dacia Duster model to be purchased for 2 years, with low payments. Dacia Flex makes it even easier for customers to take advantage of offers and buy the new Duster available immediately. Customers who decide to opt for the model will now have the opportunity to resell the car and exchange it for the new generation as soon as it hits the showrooms.

For example, the monthly payment for a 2024 Dacia Duster is PLN 1,118 (APR = 11.26%) with the following parameters:

  • car in Expression ECO-G 100 MY23 version
  • financing for the car price of PLN 83,800 total
  • financing period: 25 months
  • client’s own contribution: PLN 5,000
  • importer’s subsidy for own contribution: 5.00% (PLN 4,190)
  • Mileage limit per year: 15,000 km
  • insurance: 1.99%

Check out the financing offer available in Dacia showrooms

In the case of the 2023 car, a discount of PLN 3,900 and 3% as part of the importer’s own contribution (instead of 5%) should be removed from the list price of the above version, in accordance with the new version that applies from January. 2024.

Dacia has sold more than 250,000 cars in Poland since 2004. In 2023, it was one of the brands that kept its value well.

Dacia always strives to adapt its offer in a way that best matches the expectations of customers. The Dacia offer includes factory LPG installation, 2-year post-warranty protection packages, inspection packages, advertising insurance and advertising financing.

Source: Dacia

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