The new Dacia Spring goes on sale.  This is the cheapest electric car on the market

The new Dacia Spring goes on sale. This is the cheapest electric car on the market

Today (ie April 17), the new Dacia Spring series goes on sale in Poland. In its basic version, an electric car costs money “only” PLN 76,900, making it the cheapest electric car on the market. What does a car from a Romanian manufacturer offer?

The affordable electric car is back in a new version. Contents

The new Dacia Spring has arrived! This is a very affordable electrician

Photo Dacia / media kit

The cheapest electric car you can buy in Poland has got a new look. Dacia has launched a new Spring style versionwhich can be ordered from the manufacturer today, and the first vehicles will be delivered to customers in September.

The design and performance of the car does not differ from the one that Dacia gave us in 2021. Let’s remember that it was at that time that the first version of the Spring model made its market debut. However, in the case of this car The most important thing seems to be the price. In its basic version, an electric car costs money PLN 76,900which makes it the cheapest electric car on the market.

Since its market debut in 2021, Dacia Spring has made a significant contribution to the promotion of electric mobility with the sale of 140,000 vehicles in Europe. Its success confirms the market demand for affordable electric cars.

Our experience in building vehicles based on the principle of design to cost has enabled us to build on the success of the competitive electric car offer and introduce the new Dacia Spring model – better equipped, with a range of 225 km on the WLTP combined cycle – at a price of less than €20,000.

Xavier Martinet, sales and marketing director of Dacia.

What? What can the new Dacia Spring do?

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Photo Dacia / media kit

The new Dacia Spring goes on sale in three versions: Important, Expression oraz Extreme. The cheapest option offers a powerful engine of 33 kW (45 HP), while the other two are equipped with larger units – 48 kW (65 HP). The range in all three versions is approximately 225 km in the combined WLTP cycle, and their prices are given below.

  • Important – PLN 76,900
  • Express yourself – PLN 86,000
  • Extreme – PLN 90,600
Announcement of the new Dacia Spring

Dacia has prepared a new Spring model with: some new technologies such as Media Control (a multimedia management system) or Media Nav Live with a 10-inch touch screen. In fact, in the case of this car, all similar services are just extras. Finally Its biggest advantage is the pricewhich can easily compete with combustion vehicles.

However, everything shows that classic cars still dominate in Poland. So, if you are looking for new four wheels, I refer you to our list of the best cars up to PLN 20,000.

Source: Dacia press release. Opening photo: Dacia / press kit

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