The new electric car is undergoing its first tests

The new electric car is undergoing its first tests

Cupra presented the Cupra Raval, the brand’s electric car, last year. A total of three electric compact cars from Volkswagen AG are planned, along with the Cupra there is the VW ID.2 and the Skoda Epiq has now also been shown.

Final details on this electronic trio are still pending, but it is scheduled to debut in 2025, so test drives are starting now. And then the Cupra Raval was discovered on the street, albeit as a heavily disguised Erlkönig.

I’m looking forward to the final design (probably it shouldn’t differ too much from the last announcement), the final data on the engine and range and, above all, the final price. The Cupra model will definitely cost a bit more.

My guess is that the VW ID.2 is the entry-level model of the three, then comes the Skoda Epiq and the Cupra Raval probably won’t start for less than 30,000 euros. Unfortunately, all three electric cars are built by Seat directly in Spain.

Cupra Raval Heck

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