The new Fiat 600 2023, the long-awaited compact SUV makes its first appearance and it is no less convincing.

The new Fiat 600 2023, the long-awaited compact SUV makes its first appearance and it is no less convincing.

There are those who swear they have seen it The future Fiat 600 and revelations are already circulating on the web. There are no official spy photos accompanying the news, however what is being reported is exactly the same as the rumors that have been circulating for weeks. Fiat 600 2023 will therefore be a compact SUV, thus going in line with the current market trend.

And if on the one hand there are those who criticize the lack of aerodynamics, many dimensions or weight, on the other hand the sales figures continue to show. the interests they hold in the eyes of Italian drivers. So car manufacturers are trying to meet this demand by multiplying new models with large or small models, 100% electric, hybrid or petrol, with five or seven seats. And Fiat, part of the Stellantis galaxy, is no different. We assess the situation:

  • How the Fiat 600 2023 fares

  • Fiat 600 2023: considerations, development and availability

How the Fiat 600 2023 fares

Fiat is preparing the arrival of the new B segment compact SUVabout 4.15 meters long, and ready to resume the stoic cult of the 600. The possibility that the Fiat 600 will be released only in an electric version is not excluded by the car manufacturer itself.

There traction chain used for this example it may be the same as the one launched by the DS 3, which has a new Emotors engine of 115 kW (156 HP) with 260 Nm of torque and a battery with a capacity of 54 kWh provided by the Chinese manufacturer CATL.

Production of the car can be done at the Tychy plant in Poland, where the car is already being assembled Jeep Avenger and a future urban SUV from Alfa Romeo scheduled for 2024.

It is speculated that the aluminum frame can be used to reduce weight and increase energy efficiency and the possibility of implementing semi-autonomous driving systems. Therefore, the implementation of a quick payment system to increase ease of use and the possibility of using public payment centers is not excluded.

Back to the design, it should have square lines compared to current Fiat models. The car will also be distinguished by an attractive relationship between quality and price. Compared to its Alfa Romeo and Fiat siblings, the price should be lower. Thanks to this model, Fiat can again do well in markets where the Italian company has been below the market average for some time.

Fiat 600 2023: considerations, development and availability

First appearance of The new Fiat 600 it is expected in the first quarter of 2024. Most likely, March can be the right month to know the new model whose production will start immediately after the first delivery scheduled for early September.

The new compact SUV represents aopportunity for the Stellantis brand to regain relevant market shares, positioning itself in one of the most competitive sales segments requested by customers.

The possibility of one is not excluded Abarth sports version, which can provide additional technical and performance features compared to the base version. However, for this difference it will be necessary to wait at least another year of development and marketing.

The implementation of an all-wheel drive system or a high-performance system should be considered. With an aerodynamics system that works to increase cornering stability.