The new Fiat 600 is already here!

The new Fiat 600 is already here!

The new Fiat 600 is already clearly visible © Passione Auto Italiane
The Fiat 500 X should remain on the list © LAPRESSE
The Fiat 500 X is very close to the 600 in terms of design © Fiat
After Abarth 500e, Abarth 600? © Abarth
The electric Fiat 500 is popular in Europe © Share Now

Fiat finally launches a big novel after the 500 X and the electric 500 and 600, based on the platform of the Peugeot 2008 and another Jeep Avenger. An important example for Europe.

The number “600” is not new for Fiat. It is known even to fans of the Turin brand. But this time, there is no popular small car, ultra-compact and economical. Fiat is actually preparing the arrival of a new 600 that has nothing to do with the Topolino generation. This 600 is superior, more suitable for families and will be 100% electric within the next year. Before that, Fiat will sell hot versions of this 600 that is already escaping, immortalized during the advertising shot.

A 600 or 500 X II?

The Fiat 600 will be heated and electric© Passione Auto Italiane

The photos show a cross that looks more attractive than the 500 X, but very close in style. Fiat no longer seems to want to take small risks with the exterior design, which worked so well on the 500 and 500 X. To the point of doing too little? The problem, for Fiat, will probably be to have a product with a slight “déjà vu” atmosphere when it comes out. But if you liked it, why change the recipe? The 600 will be based on the Peugeot 2008 platform, the Opel Mokka, future Alfa Romeo Brennero and Jeep Avenger will be eligible for petrol and, later, electric versions. Fiat has not yet clarified the nature of this model that should be added to the 500 X, and not replace it.

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