The day we will finally see the FIAT novel should be soon: 600. It is not confirmed, but theoretically it should be revealed in the coming weeks and then go on sale during the summer or early autumn. Although it should go on sale on July 4, along with Mickey Mouse.

As I have said on other occasions it is a low hatchback, or if you want a hatchback (five-door B sedan), it is about 1.50 high and 4.10 long. The platform is CMP, which allows versions with a hybrid engine of 1.2 Puretech Turbo (2024) and an all-electric version (available at the beginning). It will be produced in Tychy, Poland, along with the Jeep Avenger and Alfa Romeo B-suv. For the latter, we will know the name in the coming months, pending the presentation at the beginning of 2024 with the new Lancia Ypsilon.

It is the model that will actually replace the 500L, which left the scene in recent months. It will be placed between the 500e and 500x (which remains in the price list), will be joined in 2024 by the new “Punto” and the B segment, called Multipla, which will arrive in 2025.

The styling is very close to that of the 500e and 500x, with the 600 logo on the front. It is spacious and technologically advanced, with the same interior as the Jeep Avenger. A separate pocket under the dashboard, with round, instead of rectangular digital instruments.

The 240hp electric Abarth 600 will also arrive next year, but only with an electric motor. We will see the same on the Alfa Romeo B-SUV in the Quadrifoglio version. And also on the Ypsilon HF 2025.

With the new 600, Fiat wants to once again be a major player in segment B. The brand will focus on segment A with the current 500 (the new model will have the CMP platform and therefore will pass to segment B), above. all in the B segment, but also in the C segment. Not forgetting that the Fiat range will be this:

  • Quadricycle: Mickey Mouse
  • Part A/B: 500 2026 (including Panda Hybrid/current 500 and 500e)
  • Part B: “Points” 2024
  • Part B: 600 2023
  • Part B: Crossover/Multiple 2025
  • Part C: Doblo
  • Part D: Ulysses

The Fiat Tipo will leave the list in 2025

The Fiat 500x will be phased out between 2024 and 2026