The New Fiat 600 Seicento looks like this

The New Fiat 600 Seicento looks like this

The New Fiat 600: Comprehensive Specifications and Available Information

The vehicle has been crafted in the form of a crossover, exhibiting a silhouette that draws distinct inspiration from the renowned Fiat 500X. This design choice alone indicates that the forthcoming model will not be positioned as an economically priced offering.

Considering the starting price of the previous Fiat 500 at PLN 67,000, and the current cost of the Fiat 500X at PLN 98,500, it can be inferred that the new Fiat 600, in its electric variant, would commence at a figure no less than PLN 205,700, aligning with the price range of PLN 139,900 for the new Fiat 500. While this elevated value may appear implausible, a base configuration priced around PLN 190,000 would not be unexpected, given the recent increase in the price of the Jeep Avenger to PLN 185,200.

Kindly note that the aforementioned pricing details are specific to the “electric version” of the Fiat 600, as the eCMP platform upon which it is built also accommodates internal combustion engines. However, the statements made by the engineer indicate that the latter option has not been prioritized, as he explicitly emphasizes the vehicle’s “100% electricity” nature.

Based on reliable information that the Fiat 600 will be manufactured in Tychy, it can be reasonably inferred that the vehicle will come equipped with a battery boasting a capacity of 54 (51) kWh, coupled with a robust 115 kW/156 hp motor propelling the front wheels of the car.

Notably, the streets of Italy have witnessed the presence of this vehicle, featuring prominent “600” inscriptions adorning its radiator grille. In the Polish market, this forthcoming model can be expected to be marketed as a relatively lesser-known yet strategically positioned addition to the Fiat lineup, occupying a position between the Fiat 500 and the Seicento (commonly referred to as “six hundred”).

Furthermore, it is worth highlighting that the Fiat Seicento has traditionally been associated with affordability, yet this upcoming electric crossover is unlikely to be positioned as a cost-conscious offering. The intention behind this model seems to be focused on different aspects, leaving affordability as a distinctive attribute for other vehicles within the Fiat range.