The new Fiat Panda: it will be revolutionary, economical and customizable, with a range of 450 kilometers.

The new Fiat Panda: it will be revolutionary, economical and customizable, with a range of 450 kilometers.

Fiat Panda is one of the most famous and iconic cars in Italy and Europe. It has been on the market since 1980 and has undergone several modifications and improvements over the years. The current generation, launched in 2011, is still popular, but it’s time to think about the future. Fiat has already announced that it will launch a new B segment in 2024, which will be based on the platform. Small STLA. Many people think that in the end this car could be the new Fiat Panda. This means that the car will also have an electric version, as well as a hybrid and possibly petrol. Plant a new oneit looks like it will have a more modern and attractive design, inspired by the Fiat Centoventi concept car presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019.

The new Fiat Panda: the car will be a revolutionary model for the Turin company, this is what we know so far

Concept car Fiat Centoventi it was a preview of the future Panda, with a classic and customizable approach. The car had four interchangeable bumpers, four roofs, four wheel covers and four exterior fascias, which allowed the customer to choose from 16 different combinations. The interior was also ordinary, and a customizable dashboard with different devices and gadgets.

The new Fiat Panda will not be exactly the same as the concept car, but it will retain some of its characteristics and spirit. The car will have a bigger and better cabin, with a digital instrument panel and a touchscreen infotainment system. The car will also have more safety and connectivity features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, wireless charging and smartphone integration.

The new Fiat Panda will also have different propulsion options, depending on the market and customer preferences. The electric version will have a battery pack that will guarantee an autonomy of approx 450 km. A hybrid version will most likely have a system a little hybrid based on a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine. The presence of a version with a four-cylinder gasoline engine of 1.2 liters is also not excluded.

New Fiat Panda

The new Fiat Panda will be a car that will surprise the next generation of customers with its innovative design, technology and sophistication. It will be a car that will continue the legacy of the Panda brand, which has been synonymous with simplicity, performance and fun for more than 40 years. It seems that this model will also offer a “South American” version which in that continent should be called the new Fiat Argo. More details about this car may arrive as early as the next few months.