The new Fiat SUV makes BMW and Mercedes tremble: for 25,000 euros you can buy a first-class SUV.

The new Fiat SUV makes BMW and Mercedes tremble: for 25,000 euros you can buy a first-class SUV.

Fiat has created a decent SUV at a reduced price, which is now very much in focus. This is how it is done.

By September 2022, The Fiat has put its new SUV coupe into production, the Fastback. It should be said that the car is offered for sale, at least for now, only on the American market, but it is also possible that, sooner or later, it will also arrive in Europe.

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That part of the world has been considered with great importance by the Turin brand, which has come up with a great model, better in terms of lines compared to the Freemont, or rather the old Fiat SUV. At this time, it is good to go and discover all the secrets of this beautiful creature.

Fiat, here are all the secrets of Suv Fastback

First of all, it must be understood that the name Fastback is not new in the house of Fiat, since it was already used in 2018 for a concept car based on Toro, another car designed for the Brazilian market and opened in Sao Paulo. The Fastback we are talking about, on the other hand, is a medium-sized SUV, which is part of the C Segment and which has a Coupé-type bodywork, which reminds us, in terms of lines, of BMW X6.

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The car was built on the MLA platform in Brazil, and is the best example of the house of Fiat in that type of market. The engines available are only turbocharged, and we are talking about the gasoline ones of the FireFly family. One is a 1.0 liter three-cylinder, the other a 1.3 liter four-cylinder.

The first pushes up to a maximum power of 130 horses, equal to 96 kW, while the second turns out to be more powerful, reaching a power of 186 horses, or 136 kW. More power is available with configuration And Abarth, while gravity is forward for both engines, and yet there is another feature in common. In fact, both can be powered by ethanol, a fuel that reduces emissions and allows this car to be green.

As far as security is concerned, another topic always under the magnifying glass, it must be said that there is a series of 4 airbags, with LED lights which becomes the high beam automatically when there is a need, but also a system that continuously monitors the tire pressure, to avoid a sudden and dangerous failure for the driver.

There is also a hill owner with traction control, especially useful at low temperatures and on more difficult surfaces, even if it always does its job even in normal conditions. There’s also lane departure warning and ventilated front disc brakes, both with ABS and EBD.

Price is its strength, given that it can be purchased for a minimum of 25 thousand euros, a figure that today is almost never used even in a small car. In short, the house of Turin has created a beautiful creature, and also on the stylistic front it must be said that it is a big step forward compared to the old SUVs.