The new generation of Kverneland front tanks

The new generation of Kverneland front tanks

Kverneland’s new drilling systems are designed to give farmers and contractors greater flexibility when adapting to all types of farming systems. Besides, as one of the experts at the device show in Italy said, the f-well design is “beautiful and attractive”.

In the spring, the Kverneland drill can be used as a fertilizer hopper for drilling Optima F seeds or in conjunction with, for example, the Kultistrip belt cultivator. In combination with seed drills such as the Kverneland e-drill, the f-drill can be used as an additional seed hopper for planting catch crops or spring crops. In summer and autumn, the hopper can be combined with a variety of Kverneland power and coulters known for compact combinations in working widths from 3.0 to 6.0 m.

– The new front hopper is ready for a wide range of tools and working widths. A variety of fine and large seeds and fertilizers can be used. It is possible to plant and fertilize in one way, with the combined use of seeds and companion plants, emphasizes Sebastian Koers, product manager at the German branch of Kverneland Group Soest GmbH, the equipment manufacturer.

Kverneland focuses on safety and ease of use

The beautiful appearance of the device is one thing, but it also has a practical meaning. Thanks to the fixed line, the operator has a good view in transport and while working in the field.

The modular design of the Kverneland drill ensures even weight distribution, making the tractor more balanced in terms of maximum payload. This improves safety and operation, while at the same time giving the driver an unobstructed view of the entire machine.

A package with a lifting feature lowers the front axle while maintaining good maneuverability. In addition, it is an independent and stick operation, which reduces power requirements and fuel consumption.

The tanks are available in a basic version and a comfort version with ISOBUS control. Additionally, it is possible to purchase an additional weight kit.

Two versions: regular and duo

Front tanks are available in two sizes and two versions. F-drill Compact has a capacity of 1,600 liters, and f-drill maxi – up to 2,200 liters. The standard version is equipped with an Eldos measuring unit. Both seeds and fertilizers can be poured into the hopper.

Kverneland f-drill is available in two capacities: compact with a volume of 1600 liters and maxi up to 2200 liters (pictured), photo: K.Pawłowski

In the two-person version, higher seed rates can be achieved, as two Eldos units distribute up to 400 kg per hectare of the same type of fertilizer or double seed. High seed rates are easy and reliable thanks to the Venturi system, without the need for a pressure system.

Easy connection with electricity

The Isobus e-com plug and play software allows the drill to be connected to any Isobus compatible tractor for full functionality with the tractor terminal.

Big harvest with little fertilizer?  Pudama will take care of him

Alternatively, IsoMatch Tellus PRO or IsoMatch Tellus GO + computers from Kverneland can be used. Both are fully compatible with the Isobus system.

Kverneland at Agro Show 2022

The F-drill tanks will be presented on the Kverneland stand during the Agro Show Bed in September. In addition to the aforementioned f-drill tanks, the Norwegian company’s stand will also include Optima TFprofi SX Pudama seed drills, Geospread spreaders, iXtrack T4 sprayers and ROC belt rakes previously presented on our website.

A tour of the market leader in band racks

This is not the end of the news released by the Norwegian company in Italy. More machines will be delivered soon. All can be seen at the September exhibition in Bednary.


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