The new Hyundai Kona compares ‘well’ to the competition, enough?

The new Hyundai Kona compares ‘well’ to the competition, enough?

Our car tester Rutger drives the all-electric Hyundai Kona for a month. This week: what can you buy for the same money?

Hyundai Kona has a starting price of less than 40K and 44K for the version that you would like among quite a few competitors. In this third week of the endurance test, we will go over the most important ones and tell you why it is better to go to Kona or a competitor. We compare the version with a large 44K battery to competitors.

Tesla Model Y

We’ll start right away with the toughest rival, the Tesla Model Y. Almost identical price, about 40 km less range thanks to a battery of less than 7 kWh, but it charges quickly once, access to fast Tesla chargers covers. along the way you calculate and balance almost all the options that you have to pay in part with Niro. The Model Y isn’t great and the driver assistance systems are unpredictable, but you should try driving this car anyway if you’re considering a Kona.

Jeep Avenger

You would expect the car of the year to crush the Kona. But the biggest reason to choose Jeep is its appearance and its price. It is very cheap, but you also have a low range of 80 km and very little space inside, especially in the back seat. If you rarely need to transport someone there and don’t want to take it on long trips, the Avenger is a strong contender. Otherwise I would leave it alone.

Be Niro

The Niro is probably a direct competitor, because it’s on the same chassis, with the same car and uses almost the same software and infotainment system. The Niro EV was recently released in ‘poverty’ style, which means the starting price is very low, but for similar options you pay a fair price and in my opinion the car looks good and has more interior space.

Polestar 2 Standard Range One

When we started this endurance test, the Polestar 2 was not a competitor, but now it is: it has dropped significantly in price, making it 1000 euros more expensive than the Kona. It’s more of a hatchback than an SUV, but that also means you get more range from the battery. It can charge a little faster, it can drive a little further and it feels higher than the Kona. If you want an SUV this is not a competitor, otherwise you should drive it right away.

Long Series MG ZS EV

From the budget corner: MG ZS EV LOOOOOOONG RAAAAAANGE! For 3,800 euros less you get a lot of car with the MG ZS EV. The range is only 20 km lower and otherwise the dimensions are exactly the same. So what does that 3800 euros mean? Improvements: The MG is less comfortable inside, the infotainment system feels incomplete and the driving experience offers less confidence than the Hyundai Kona. There is also a small number of traders in the Netherlands. If the Korean 44K hurts you, then a test drive is recommended, but if you live in North Holland, for example, you should go to Amsterdam for that.

Smart #3 Pro+

Our biggest surprise from last year: Smart #3. For 600 euros less than the Kona you have this car that drives like a small Mercedes. You can travel 35 km less, but you can charge almost 40 percent faster. Smart is also full of options as usual. The seating space in the back seat is more spacious in Smart. The wheel is no longer less than 12 centimeters. But that will cost you some luggage space. You can fit 93 liters more in the Kona.

So there’s a lot to choose from around 45K and it’s hard to identify a unanimous recommendation. Those who want a futuristic infotainment system and often make long trips can choose the Model Y, but those who want a quiet cabin and a car that not everyone drives will probably be more interested in the Smart. Kona is the solid choice in this group. It’s nowhere to be seen, but no red flags either. Next week our conclusion about the Korean.

Rutger Middendorp makes Bright a new electric car every month. Follow his updates in Endurance Test.