The new Jeep Grand Cherokee, Bronco and 4-seater Jimny will be up for grabs in Poland.  “there are fish”

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee, Bronco and 4-seater Jimny will be up for grabs in Poland. “there are fish”

The four-seater Suzuki Jimny disappeared from the market two years ago. The reason was simple – the emission standards. The simple 1.5 unit meets the latest requirements set by the European Union. As a result, the brand rebranded the car as a small light commercial vehicle and now offers it only two seats and a grille. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee, although it debuted more than a year ago, has not yet arrived in Europe. The Ford Bronco, on the other hand, occasionally inspires, but remains (for a while) forbidden fruit.

However, these cars can be bought as new in Poland. A company has emerged from Warsaw that offers brand new cars, which are most likely to be imported with an individual approval procedure. So I checked how much you have to pay them.

Behind the import of these cars is a company that specializes in unusual cars

He has imported, among others, in Poland cars such as Lada Niva or UAZs – including the “legendary” Buchanki. Now their version, under a new name, focuses on cars from a completely different story.

New Jeep Grand Cherokee evokes many emotions. It looks very good, and its equipment puts it in the league with the leading SUVs. In Europe, we’ll only get it with a plug-in hybrid, using a two-liter four-cylinder unit.

Here we have two versions to choose from – Limited and Summit, both with the 3.6 V6 engine from the Pentastar family. The smaller model costs PLN 389,000, while the Summit model costs PLN 439,000.

Quad Suzuki Jimny? Please – but the price is imaginary

If you dream of a regular Jimny without homologation for a commercial vehicle, here you will find the answer to your needs. However, it will not be cheap, because the price is PLN 189,900 for the manual model and PLN 194,900 for the automatic. It is worth noting that at the time of its debut, the top version did not reach PLN 110,000!

There are also other cars on offer, some worth considering

For example, one of them is the Ford Bronco. The new blue oval off the road is generating a lot of interest. Its off-road capabilities and looks are impressive, and the equipment does not disappoint.

You can find the cheapest model for PLN 299,000. And how much more expensive? This exceeds PLN 400,000. It is also worth noting that the Bronco will enter Europe and will be offered by the brand on the Old Continent.

company offer Iconic Motors there are also Lincolns, Jeep Gladiator with V6 under the hood and Jeep Wrangler with V6 and V8 engines (the last one is worth PLN 689,000).

Are these offers worth considering?

I think Jeeps are the best of the list here, which of course are more expensive, but offer a solid V6 under the hood. The hybrid version that will enter Europe is not so cheap. According to the 2022 price lists, 4XE models start at PLN 379,000 for the Limited version and end at PLN 460,000 for the Summit Reserve version.

It is worth remembering, however, that here the price can depend a lot on the exchange rate of the dollar, import prices and, above all, the amount of the importer. Therefore, the amount given can change quickly.