The new Kia Flagship store in Alkmaar is ready for the future

The new Kia Flagship store in Alkmaar is ready for the future

In addition to the location of the car company, the name also changes to Hedin Automotive at the beginning of January. This applies to all Stern companies. Maarten van der Velden is a Kia man through and through. He has been working in the automotive industry since he was 19 years old and has worked hard with the Kia brand for the past nine years. His passion for Kia is great and he has been responsible for Kia at Stern for the past two years. “In my opinion, Kia is a no-nonsense brand. I like Korean innovation, processes and driving. It is a brand that shows its ambitions, but realizes. This means that the Kia brand brings loyal customers. Thanks in part to the seven-year warranty that Kia offers, customer confidence in Kia has increased significantly in the Netherlands.’

In progress

The Korean innovation that Maarten mentions is evident in new models such as the Kia EV6. According to Maarten, the EV6 is just the beginning. ‘Kia has big ambitions and will introduce a full electric line in the coming years. With this vision, Kia is incredibly progressive and they are not afraid to compete with many car brands out there.’ Maarten’s explanation is in line with Kia’s plans for the future: a full fleet of electric vehicles in 2035 and zero CO2 trading in 2045. ‘That is of course still a way to go, but my experience is that when Kia says something , also provides .’


“The fact that we dare to build a new building in these times, I think is a great achievement. I am proud that Stern has a lot of faith in Kia and that it wants to invest in a good building.’ Together with our colleagues from Jaguar Landrover who will move to the building next to us, we are building a bright future in the new building. Stern will be the first in the Netherlands to build and offer a showroom based on the brand new Kia model.

Open the workshop

‘With this new model you see that the car is in the middle, but there is also a lot more space around the car than there is now in most showrooms. The new showroom will be more homely, with plenty of space for customer workspaces and lounge areas to wait for service. While you wait, you can see what’s going on with the car through the ‘open workshop’.’
Another big advantage is the combination of online and offline in the store. Using the 55-inch screen, the customer can connect the car with a dealer who is not currently in the showroom. “This way, the customer still has the option to see the car on the big screen in the color they want and the rims they want,” says Maarten.

‘Our new building is fully equipped for new operations and is ready for what the future of motoring can throw at us. Our new facility was built with sustainability in mind. The property is self-sufficient, thanks to multiple solar panels and a heat pump. The ultimate destination for the search for a new dream car!’

Kia’s move to a new building provides room for expansion in the old location and exciting new brands. In addition to Opel, you will now also find Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and RAM in the showroom.

The act of opening

Stern is offering an extra discount to celebrate the opening weeks in Alkmaar from 2 to 15 January. You will receive a minimum of €500 additional trade-in value for your current vehicle*. You can go there for a wide range of new and used cars, from small city cars to large SUVs. In addition to the grand opening sale, Stern will also start a sale on the Kia Niro Hybrid Adventure in January. The brand new look of the popular SUV model is very popular. The highly equipped Adventure version of this model is the most competitively priced of the development period and includes a towbar and free installation. You can now drive it for €32,995. So that’s worth visiting a new location.

*Not applicable to Kia Niro Hybrid Adventure.