The new Lamborghini Huracan plug-in hybrid, a completely different model

The new Lamborghini Huracan plug-in hybrid, a completely different model

With the launch of the Revuelto on the market, the first exercise in the plug-in hybrid theme at Lamborghini, there is a range of “power boosts”. The Urus PHEV and successor to the Lamborghini Huracan will arrive in 2024. Obviously, the hybrid plug will also settle on the model that, perhaps, more than any other, marks the course of the Sant’Agata Bolognese company from 2015 to today.

Goodbye to the expected historic V10, it will most likely be a deal made with a V8 petrol engine. and an electric section to bring the plug-in mix to life. If we discover a naturally aspirated V8 or, more likely, a turbocharged V8 will be revealed in the model presentation, expected in the second half of 2024.

Design, different options from the front

The way we proceed with the appearance of forklifts on the road. The one created by Stephen Hancock (on Instagram with the_carspy) gives a clear vision of some fashion solutions.

Gallardo-style light stickers, where the supercar is proud, try to divert attention horizontal and very narrow lights. Two very promising pieces in the stylistic aspects of the project, completed with additional lights at the ends of the front band, which performs the role of LED daytime running lights and indicators. Elements with a hexagonal structure (inspired by the shapes of the Essenza SCV12), a geometry that we can find with lateral predictability in the linear structure of the belt.

Another detail highlighted by the forklift – behind which you can see the Urus with the same sticker denoting hybrid power – is the roof dug in the middle.

All air conditioners have been evacuated

Continuing with the stylistic and design differences of The “new” Lamborghini Huracan plug-in hybrid (we emphasize how the name will be different from the current model), Lamborghini has made a modification rear ventilation setupit was no longer attached to the side of the passenger cell but with a series of openings and different functions: taken behind the side windows, some placed in front of the damage, and others in front of the rear wheels.

Not to mention the guaranteed cooling for the shiny citizens in the nose and the predictable hot air vent covered by the hood mounted on the front bonnet. In addition to the V8 engine, there are all the electronic components of the electric and battery part to be controlled in the heat management.