The new Lamborghini logo is very similar to the old one

The new Lamborghini logo is very similar to the old one

Lamborghini is the latest in a series of automakers to refresh their corporate identity with a subtly updated logo. Softly modified an angry cow we will see it not only on the company’s digital channels, but also in real cars. They can be changed hurricane in Urus hybride rechargeable the first to receive an updated signal this year.

But what exactly has changed? Well, not much. Letter font “Lamborghini” now a little wider than before. Black and white remain the main colors – “signifying a clear brand identity”, at least that’s what we were told. Yellow and a new shade of gold are the accent colors. Interestingly, the Italian foreign car maker also plans to use of the legendary bull without a shieldbut this will only happen on websites, social networks, etc.

We are told they are giving the logo a new color “minimalist but bold” appearance. Lamborghini, which is technically part of the group Audi in collaboration with companies Bentley, Ducati in Italdesignexplains that he worked with the design team to create a new set of icons for use on the web.

The updated font is obviously a tribute Angular design language, which is used by supercars and SUVs. Logic tells us that the new badge will not only go to the successor of the Huracan and the electric SUV, but also to the flagship. Revueto V-12. The fourth model is expected to arrive in 2028 as the brand’s first electric car, announced by the Lanzador concept last year. A year later, the 2+2 grand tourer will follow Urus of the second generationwhich will have electrical impulses only.

Lamborghini is doing better than before, knowing that 2023 was the first year in which deliveries exceeded 10.000 units, reaching 10.112 vehicles. Huracan and current Russia already sold out until the end of production, when new orders for scrambled it will be released only in 2026.