The new Nissan Skyline is coming.  Get ready for the big ones to calm down, it will be a disaster

The new Nissan Skyline is coming. Get ready for the big ones to calm down, it will be a disaster

The new Nissan Skyline will not be a sports car. It won’t be a sedan either. The legendary name will be used as the name of … an electric SUV. This is not the first attack on the iconic model.

Nissan Skyline. Here is one of those names that ignites the imagination of car fans on the same level as Impreza (and no one talks about an all-night party), Viper or Corvette. For others, Skyline means much more. Especially for those who spent a long time playing tuning and racing games.

In fact, the name Skyline has been known since 1957

We usually associate it with the letters “GT-R” at the end, but Skylines offered mainly in the Japanese market are not always and they have been exciting. In regular versions… they’re just regular cars. If they weren’t made for sports versions – big ones of course – no one would associate the Skyline name in any way other than “yeah, that’s the car my neighbor bought for himself when he retired.”

Emotions are boiling.

Currently, Nissan Skyline is the Japanese name of the sedan, which in Europe was known as the Infiniti Q50. It is a beautiful, stylish car with rear or four-wheel drive. It can be equipped with a 2.0T petrol engine with 211 hp or a hybrid with a 3.5 liter V6. In our market, he tried to compete mainly with the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C class. He failed to climb the sales charts, which does not mean that he did not find loyal fans.

The new Nissan Skyline will be an SUV. And it’s electric

This is not the first time Skyline has had an elevated clearance. This “name” was already used in 2009 to name the car known to us as Infiniti EX. It’s an SUV. Scary? Maybe for some. Look at that now.

According to Motor1, following the website Best Car, the new Nissan Skyline is likely to be an electric SUV with a coupe style. So it can be similar to Infiniti QX55. The drivetrain will probably be taken from the Nissan Ariya, but before that, the builders will strengthen it accordingly. Will it protect JDM and video game fans from heart attacks? First the Mustang name was “humiliated”, now it’s time for the Skyline. Let the big cooks be quiet, and traditionally I don’t see anything wrong with that order.

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