The new Subaru BRZ is finally on sale

The new Subaru BRZ is finally on sale

(UPDATE) If you had to go through Germany until recently, you can now order your second generation Subaru BRZ from Subaru directly in Belgium. Initially, the model was not produced in Europe, but the Japanese changed their mind. The funky little coupé will be launched in limited edition, at a higher price point than the Toyota GR86 twin, which will end production in 2024.

Only in blue

Subaru does not mess with life and will sell its sports coupe only in one color – the famous WR Blue Pearl – and in a full version of the option (Limited finish). For those who want more, they can opt for the STi Pack which features black accents on the bodywork, an aluminum gear box lever and a few special details.

GR86 also in limited edition

Its identical twin brother, the Toyota GR86, has been on sale in Europe since 2022, but also in limited numbers. The production is definitely counted as the Japanese will already remove it from sales by 2024. This is the result of the new European regulations regarding safety systems, which will require a lot of changes for this model.

Delivery and pricing

There is no need to go through Germany anymore, even if within the European Union it is child’s play to buy a car in another Member State and then register it in our country. You can just go to a Subaru dealer. The Subaru BRZ will be available from €40,995 in the “standard” version and €2,500 will have to be added for the STi Package (€43,495). This is an average of €5,000 more than a new Toyota GR86… which sells for between €40,000 and €70,000 on the second-hand market. A rating that could decrease with the availability of the BRZ in nine … as long as they exist! Indeed, it is highly likely that the number of copies available is limited and that this sudden reading of BRZ sales is a direct result of the rush for second-hand GR86s!

For the impatient, it will be necessary to prefer the Subaru BRZ Limited, whose delivery should begin in July 2023. Those who choose the STi Package will have to wait until the end of the year to take the wheel of their new toy.