The next BMW X4 was probably cancelled, but the iX4 is planned

The next BMW X4 was probably cancelled, but the iX4 is planned

( – Some manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz will be reducing the size of their portfolios in the next few years, but BMW has not shown any signs in this direction so far. On the contrary, the model family from Munich continues to grow. The latest additions include the electric iX1, the Chinese long-wheelbase X5 or XM as the flagship of the high-performance X range.

BMW X4 (2021)


However, according to a new report from a well-known local company, there is one model that may disappear soon. The BMW X4 (buy used BMW X4 car now), the coupé version of the X3, may not have a successor, at least not one with a combustion engine.

BMWBlog quotes Bimmer Post forum user ynguldyn – who has proven himself time and time again to be correct in predicting BMW’s future plans – as saying Propeller believes there is no longer enough demand to have a combustion-only version ready for release.

Charge range and speed increased by 30 percent

Dubbed the Sports Activity Coupé (SAC), the X4 of course already had a codename for its third generation (G46), but it’s likely that it will never see the market.

While the CLAR-platform X4 may be discontinued in the coming years, the same source reports that an all-electric iX4 is on the horizon. It will operate in-house as the NA7 and will roll off the assembly line at the new Hungarian plant in Debrecen from November 2026.

It will be on the Neue Klasse platform and come with Gen6 batteries with spherical cells, which should increase the range and charge by 30 percent compared to the previous prismatic cells.

The next generation X3 comes with a combustion engine and an electric motor

The new batteries sound very promising. BMW estimates that their weight can drop by 20 percent while production costs are cut in half. In addition, the CO2 emissions associated with their production should be 60 percent lower. Next-generation battery packs are expected to retain 80 percent of their original capacity even after ten years.

As always when it comes to rumors from company insiders, this unconfirmed information should be taken with a grain of salt. We’d be a little surprised if the petrol and diesel X4s were discontinued, given the hunger for crossovers in the luxury segment. And the situation does not seem to be decreasing, quite the opposite.

The G02 X4 has been on the market since 2018 and will undoubtedly remain on the Munich model portfolio for a few more years. A gap can open between the end of the X4 combustion and the initiation of the electrical model. That shouldn’t be the case with the X3. The next generation SUV will come with both combustion engines and electric motors.

Source: Great post through BMW blog