The Nio ET5 Orion station wagon is preparing to arrive in Europe

The Nio ET5 Orion station wagon is preparing to arrive in Europe

It is ET5 Estate

The arrival of a station wagon in the Nio range is no longer a secret. The article frankly wondered in the middle of a photo shoot on the shores of a Norwegian fjord.

Holidays, the main work of Europe, since our continent represents a large part of the world’s sales. After its sedans and SUVs, Nio has therefore chosen to spoil potential customers in Europe with an electric station wagon. After seeing many camouflaged models, it was a model without canvas that appeared in Norway. The car was in the middle of a photo shoot to prepare for its launch.

Not in Shanghai, it intends to be one of the highlights of the Munich show in September. In the middle of German territory, in Bavaria, the land of BMW and Audi, its two preferred targets… Germany represents an important challenge for the Nio, and for its station wagon. While we wait for the Volkswagen ID.7 station wagon, the Nio ET5 will be the only electric representative of its kind in the D segment…

Two questions remain: the amount of the trunk and its equipment, as well as its name. Secondly, our colleagues from Autocar continue Name ET5 Orion. Answer in a few weeks before discovering this car in Munich at the beginning of September, as Nio is on the list of confirmed exhibitors.

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And in China?

In China, the station wagon is almost unknown. Some imports circulate. They are mostly German: Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Volkswagen Passat. The bulk of the sound is handled by the Roewe Ei5, better known as the MG5. It is mainly used as a taxi.

However, it is not excluded to see the station wagon market grow, if the offer does the same. Indeed, Chinese consumers are increasingly integrating entertainment into their car choices. For example, we see the development of the pick-up segment, that of the motorhome.

Chinese cars have a major common flaw that penalizes them in Europe, the size of their trunks. This was not a requirement in China until now. But when you go on a weekend with children, weapons and luggage, you have to be able to fit all that inside… So this defect can be corrected in future cars. And the resort can also benefit from this passion in action.

Until the break becomes a Chinese specialty, there is a chance. But we already know that some European manufacturers experts have already planned to drop the cost. This is the case with Volvo and maybe Mercedes…

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