The old but improved Audi RS6.  It can accelerate like a new Ferrari!  (video)

The old but improved Audi RS6. It can accelerate like a new Ferrari! (video)

Audi RS6 is the best example of this. The C6 generation is the second in mass production. Underneath the classic, large family car, there is a drive system that can touch the hearts of car fans and… remind you of the last meal.

Let’s start with the engine. This is a five-liter V10 from the FSI family. It is set for the user 580 horsepower and 650 Newton meters. This enormous power is transferred to both axles by a six-speed automatic transmission.

This configuration raises the weight of the car to 2026 kg. Yes, more than two tons. Despite this, the performance is simply amazing. Sprint to 100 km / h takes 4.5 secondsa the maximum speed is 330 km / h. Even a modern Ferrari would have a problem losing this car in its mirrors.

The submitted article has been further modified to provide even more. Double recharging, engine and exhaust system software changes resulted in a greater likelihood of 780 horsepower and 955 Newton meters.

With such power, there is no joke. These are alarming values, even in a two-channel center car. According to user specifications, this 14-year-old car can accommodate 5 people and 500 liters of luggage on board. accelerate to a hundred in 3.9 seconds and speed up to 350 km / h.

Although it is hard to believe, this invisible two-ton colossus reaches a hundred in 3.8 seconds and accelerates to 350 km / h.

The footage below, recorded on a German road with no speed limits, proves that this car is very capable. It looks very smart, which only increases the recognition of others. The perfect car? If he smoked only a little and did not incur other high costs …