The old one becomes new: Opel Manta GSE

The old one becomes new: Opel Manta GSE

The source of inspiration for the new face of the Opel family is experiencing change on its own

This Opel Manta is old and new at the same time: the popular sports car was used as a source of inspiration for the new face of the Opel family and then installed itself.

It is not uncommon for a car manufacturer to go back and start a new model. It becomes special when the brand holds the face of his family in such an ordinary car. But to ‘restore’ a modern device using those new structural elements? This is being done for the first time by this Opel Manta GSe.

On a public road

This manta is a special vehicle however, because only one of them is being built. So it was very close that our car editor did not rub the paint and button of his pants for unprotected time. They were not worried about Opel, because he was even allowed to take it on public roads!

In the Netherlands we know Opel Manta these days mainly due to New Kids films. But in Opel’s eyes, the popular sports car is certainly not a laughing matter: the model can now boast a 50-year history and served as an important source of inspiration for the appearance of today’s cars from Rüsselsheim. Examples are the Opel Mokka and the new Opel Astra.

Manta fully listens to the type of name ‘GSe ElektroMOD’. You can find from this that there is an electric power train hidden under a hood. Previously, Manta had never released an electric motor, but this is the so-called ‘restomod’: Opel not only restored the sports car, but also made it modern. A style that has come from the United States.

look twice

The Manta GSe is very well installed, sometimes you will have to look twice to see where the adjustment starts and the original drive ends. The interior is a mishmash of modern Opels, while the body is natural. Except for 17-inch wheels, fluorescent paint, rear lights and name plate.

The electric manta has a 31 kWh battery pack, ideal for a 200-mile drive type. In modern EVs, battery cells are hidden under the floor; in this case they have found a place behind the back seat. The special Opel can charge in three phases in the public charging section: the batteries must be recharged within 4 hours.

The rear Manta car has a 141 hp and 255 Nm electric power motor on the front. With an empty weight of just under 1,200 kg, he wants to move on. Natural manta weighs only £ 100 less! Interesting note: Opel’s existing electrical structures provide less energy.

Return to the first square

You will not believe, but if necessary, they can rebuild this ElektroMOD in Opel to return to its original state. They will not do it for sure: Manta GSe turned out to be popular on social media! Opel is also licensed on a public road, approved by the German RDW. But the Germans still have no plans to build a sports car. That makes our trip with the Manta GSE even more special!

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