The Opel GSe returns as a sporty, electric sub-brand

The Opel GSe returns as a sporty, electric sub-brand

OPC is no more and the GSi name is slowly but surely dying a quiet death. For now only score about the sporty derivative under that label, and it’s the oldest model Rüsselsheim has in the lineup. However, Opel has found a three-letter word in its history books that preceded the OPC and GSi, and has been sneaking up on them. Electric Manta restomod: Gse. Decades ago, we were shown the Commodore and Monza under that title, and now Opel will put its sports models on the market again. However, the letters no longer mean ‘Grand Sport Einspritzung’ but ‘Grand Sport electric’.

Astra hot hatch?

The GSe label wouldn’t just be stuck on the sides of pure electric cars. Opel is talking about models that can drive at least without internal pollution, which means that they will pour plug-in hybrids with sports sauce. The sauce would go further than just looks, because Opel promises that GSe customers will be treated to a chassis that guarantees driving pleasure. So also rely on subcutaneous correction, although it is not yet known whether these models will also be stronger than their brave brothers.

The announcement revives old rumors about the pure electric Astra-e. For example, the boss of Vauxhall, Opel’s British branch, hinted a while ago that the Astra will be electric at times. The fastest Astra it could be. On the other hand, the sudden launch of the GSe label could also explain why we have been waiting for the Astra plug-in hybrid with 225 hp for a long time: maybe that motorization will be reserved for the next version of the GSe. In any case, Opel will have enough power to take advantage of their new label, because from 2024 they want to offer a strengthened variant of every model in their range. In 2028, the brand must be 100% electric.