The passenger compartment of the future according to Chrysler;  from suspended seats to a 37-inch monitor

The passenger compartment of the future according to Chrysler; from suspended seats to a 37-inch monitor

Chrysler unveiled the Synthesis Cockpit Two-Seat prototype at CES in Las Vegas, which showcases the cockpit of the future by combining modern design with three artificial intelligence technologies (STLA Brain, STLA Smart Cockpit and STLA Auto Drive), developed within the Stellantis Group to which the American manufacturer from Detroit belongs, for a deep cooperation between the car and the driver.

The concept is built with chrome-free sustainable materials and prototype solutions for next-generation vehicles, aiming to release its first electric vehicle in 2025 and then arrive in a fully battery-powered lineup in 2028. It includes premium features, such as vegetable-dyed hanging chairs draped in soft drapes and decorated with unique constellation-style perforations.

It has a 37.2-inch screen placed between the two occupants as a visual interface for a multimedia system capable of learning the preferences of those behind the wheel and automatically updating various on-air programs. Through this, the driver can fully control his digital world, including any online devices at home and work environment, integrating the car into personal behaviors due to specific tasks. For example, MyDay which summarizes and synchronizes many aspects of the customer experience, including calendars, apps and vehicle information such as battery charge status, as well as weather and traffic updates to plan and map daily trips, even parking arrangements and the possibility of e-business services. Or the Chill/Zen/Happiness mode that creates a sense of well-being and relaxation (meditation, karaoke, DJ play) inside the car while stationary.

Finally, the Level 3 autonomous driving system leaves the driver with enough freedom in the Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator, as he does not have to keep the car under constant control while always being ready to intervene if necessary, allowing him to carry out various activities while even if he receives. advice from the car on where to have lunch or dinner.